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Haley meets Lucas outside after the game. She asks if he's okay. He tells her that he's leaving tomorrow. She starts to cry. He tells her that it's okay, and not to cry. Haley says, "No, it isn't. I really wanted to spend your last night with you, but Nathan's waiting --" She doesn't interject the totally stupid fact that they're about to run off and get hitched, because that would spoil the surprise. Luke tells her to go and be with Nathan, that he's got to get his shoulder checked anyway. He'll come and find her tomorrow. She hugs him: "I'm really going to miss you, Luke." He says the same, and she leaves to run into Nathan's arms.

Haley gets into Nathan's car. But where did he get the car? And whose car is it? Considering that he sold his, and isn't presently living with a parent who could possibly loan him a car, but whatever. She gets in and says, "Sorry about the game." He says, "Yeah." She starts to cry. He says, "Hails!" Pause. "We don't have to do this tonight." She says, "No, no, I want to, more than ever, no regrets." And with that Nathan starts the Mystery Car, and the two of them drive off like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet. But I have to insist that if someone gets to plunge a dagger into Haley's heart, it's me -- because her character gets the award for the most ridiculous change over the course of this first season.

Deb sits by the fire and watches it burn. She's tossing certificates and other marital paraphernalia into the flames. Keith comes in, tosses his jacket on the chair, and says, "I told you I'd help you burn Dan's stuff." Keith continues, "Normally I sit with Whitey after every home game, win or lose." I don't quite understand the connection; Whitey/Deb -- there's a subtle difference there, don't you think? Oh, and Deb's breasts are quite comfortable there, both in the scene and by the fire. They're toasty! They sort of look like Whitey's bald head, or not. He nods to the hearth and asks if she doesn't mind. She smiles and says, "Not at all. You leaving tomorrow?" Keith bends down and says, "Yeah." Pause. "With Lucas." Deb smiles: "You know, the first time I left Dan, I thought I could just get out, and start a new life." She tosses something on the fire: "But you can't, you just put a new face on the same loneliness. What happened to us, Keith? How did we become so broken?" He rests his chin on his hands and replies, "We fell in love, and then at some point the people that we loved forgot to love us back." And echoes start up in the back of both of their minds: "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with!" Oh yeah, bam-chicka-bam! Whack! Was that a raven hitting the roof?

The emergency room doctor examines Luke's chart: "I'm sorry you lost the game, but even if you had won, your season's over. No basketball." She closes her clipboard and leaves Karen standing there looking all parental. She tries to use his injury as an excuse as to why he shouldn't go to Charleston. Luke tells her that "it's time" and that he's going. Then he leaves her there so he can go see Whitey. She looks mournfully after him. Oh, boo-hoo, Karen, you just abandoned your son a few months ago to spend six weeks in Italy. You can live without him for a couple of months, because you know they'll both be back after the summer.

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