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Okay, so on his way to get married, Nathan finds the time to leave Haley in the car and stop by the River Court to say goodbye to Lucas? He finds his brother staring off into space, thinking about why he's leaving or how much of a coward he's actually being. But wait, he doesn't think that at all, does he? Anyway. Nathan says, "I told you that if you missed that shot, it would all be for nothing. But I was wrong." Nathan looks around for a second, and then continues, "Figured I'd find you out here; word is you're leaving town." Luke says quietly, "Yeah, just waiting for the guys to say goodbye." Nathan asks him if he's leaving because of the game. Luke shakes his head: "Naw, Keith needs to be with someone right now, and I need a change. I figured since the season's over, it's time. Besides, I know I'm leaving Haley in good hands." Like she's a pet that needs taking care of by some strapping young man. Yawn. Nathan begins to bond, and I'm feeling like these two should just get out the crazy glue right now: "I gotta tell you, man, I never thought that when we played that one-on-one game that I'd be back here feeling like this." Like what? "That I'll miss you." Luke smiles as Nathan continues, "You gotta do what you feel, but I actually wish you weren't going to leave, 'cause you're one hell of a basketball player, and because you're my brother." Aw. I'll admit, I got a bit weepy at this line. It's taken them along time to get here and it's really one of the best things about the show: the two of them overcoming Dan's aggression to figure out what their relationship means to both of them. Okay, I'll stop editorializing, but I just can't help it. Nathan tells him to take care of himself. Luke says, "You take care of Haley." Nathan holds up his hand to slap Luke's, and they embrace in that boyish, masculine way. And then Luke says, "I'm going to miss you too, little brother." And I need to take this break to go get some tissues. Aw, it's not all bad, now, is it?

Early the next morning, Luke packs up the rest of his stuff. Karen comes into his room for another completely inappropriate mother/son discussion. Is she carrying laundry? She asks if he's "all set." He puts a t-shirt into his bag and says, "Almost." They sit down together on his bed after Karen asks him to come and talk to her. She says, "I know you're searching for something, and I hope with all my heart that you find the answers to your questions, but the answers you're looking for are closer then you think, they're in your heart and in the hearts of those that love you." Oh blah parental speech, blah great things, blah great places, blah home sweet home, blah this place, always with you. Karen chokes up: "There is only one Tree Hill, and it's your home." Her voice breaks on the last word so it sounds like "ho-ome." She put her arms around his shoulders and says, "I love you, my boy." The Chad emotes, "I love you too." They hug. The guitar of last regrets strums as we move into the final music montage for the season.

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