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Keith closes the door on his bachelor apartment, on his old life. He leaves a picture of him and Dan hanging crookedly on the wall. Oh. The. Symbolism. Did a raven just crash into the wall?

Brooke and Peyton lie in bed after a wicked-ass celebratory sleepover. Brooke says, "It looks like a beautiful morning. Let's do something great today." Peyton smiles at her. Aw, it's good to be back in the fold.

Luke must have known they'd be there, because he's left an envelope for them tucked into Peyton's door, telling them he's sorry, telling them he had to go, telling them everything.

Dan takes off his wedding ring and spins it on the table as he contemplates his divorce papers. His cell phone rings. Cingular ponies up some more dough. Dan opens it, and the text message says, "From: Deb. Please call me…" Dan shuts the phone down, just like he shuts his marriage down by signing the papers right afterwards. But wait! In the middle of signing his life away, he clutches his chest and keels over mid-heart-attack. All of his past regrets flashing before his eyes -- oh hell, who am I kidding, it's Dan. He's probably got a raven stuck in his chest or something equally ridiculous. He tips over, unable to get a hold of his phone.

The doctor comes into Whitey's room and tells him that he's got the results of his tests. Whitey looks concerned.

Nikki drives off in a vain search for her daughter.

Karen sits by herself in Luke's room.

Deb and her breasts come racing into the beach house just in time. She rushes over to Dan, puts her hand on his, and says, "Dan! Can you hear me?" He whisper-grunts, "You'd better hope I die." What an evil, spiteful man. On his deathbed, he's making the one person who could save his life feel like this -- how's that for evil? If he does die, then Deb will feel guilty for the rest of her life. How awful is that?

Luke knocks quietly on Nate's apartment door. A shirtless Nathan answers the door, and Luke half-uncomfortably asks for Haley, telling his brother he promised to say goodbye before he left. Nathan opens the door and tells Luke to come on in. How did Haley end up there? Don't her parents care that she's sleeping at a boy's house? Luke goes inside and sees Haley walk past the doorway wearing nothing but a sheet. He hears her say, "Nathan, where's your sweatshirt?" He says, "Oh, it's in the bathroom." Luke looks away, and a tension comes over his face. Haley comes into the room, all smiles and giggles: "Hey!" She sort of half-bites her finger as she greets him. Luke says, "I'm sorry, I just wanted to say goodbye." She tries to get him to stay, but Luke's all stuttering and stuff, feeling strange and uncomfortable at the thought of Nathan and Haley consummating their relationship. Heh. He says, "You know, it's, ah, um, cool, but I thought you weren't ready. I thought you were going to wait until you got married. I just figured --" Haley interrupts him and says, "Well, we did. We did wait." Nathan comes up behind her and puts his arm around her, and she sort of falls into him. Luke looks confused: "What do you mean, Hails?" Haley puts her hand back to her mouth and says, "We got married last night." She shows him the ring, and when you see Nate's hand, you see his too. Oh, brother -- now there's an ill-fated union if I've ever seen one, and how is it legal? Yeah, all I have to say is, wuh? MARRIED? Are you serious? First of all, let's not go through all the legal ramifications of two sixteen-year-olds getting married, because I'm not sure it's even within the bounds of the law. But if one silly little piece of paper makes it okay for Haley to have sex, then she's really not ready. It's honestly the most immature thing either one of them has done this whole season. Am I watching 7th Heaven?

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