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Suddenly, we're back at the game, and Deb looks off into "flashback" space. The boys continue to warm up. Luke jogs behind Nathan and asks him if he's all right. Nathan says, "Have you seen Haley?" Luke shakes his head no. Nate grabs the ball and does a jump shot, just to keep his mind off it all.

Flash-ah-ah. Peyton drops Haley off at home. It's raining. I mean, two teenagers are about to confess their undying love for one another, so at least the weather's apt for what's about to happen. I wonder if the ravens have drowned. Anyway. Haley runs up to her porch and yells, "Nathan! You're soaked, what are you doing?" He stands up and replies, "I went for a run to clear my head. I guess this is where I ended up." And her parents wouldn't let him wait inside? He continues, "Look, Haley, the picture of Peyton didn't mean anything, okay?" Haley answers, "It did to me." Pause. "Clearly you still have feelings for her." He argues, "I saved that picture back when we were dating; the other ones too. You can go back and look. Her web cam hasn't even been in her closet for months." Okay, so it was Peyton that dropped her off, and that means they were hanging out, which also means that Haley is mature enough to realize she's mad at Nathan, not at her friend. So, if she's smart enough to understand that level of emotion, why isn't she smart enough to realize the rest? And the rain falls down. Those poor, wet ravens. Haley: "Why didn't you tell me that last week?" Nathan: "Because I should have deleted those images a long time ago. I felt bad because I didn't do it." Pause. "Besides, Haley. I don't want Peyton. I want you." She looks at him and says, "Is that it?" Nathan replies, "You know, my pride says, 'Yeah that's it, just walk away, and let Haley deal with the fact that she's clearly threatened by a sexual relationship.' But my heart says, 'Just forget about your pride, you idiot, you love this girl, and even if you're going to catch pneumonia, your ass is gong to stand out here in the rain until you convince her to forgive you.'" Pause. "So come on, Hails, meet me halfway here?" Haley wipes away some of the rain from her face and looks up at him: "Why should I?" Nathan says contritely, "Because I'm sorry. Because I love you. Because you're looking really hot standing out here in the rain and I'm thinking I have to kiss you." She bites her bottom lip and half-smiles: "Well, if you have to." And that's that; with that whole porn mess sorted out, they get to make out like porn stars in the rain all wet and sexy and stuff. See, it's okay to sort of act like a porn star, it's just not okay to look at porn. But sappy romance is to girls what porn is to boys, so whatever, yawn. How melodramatic. Oh, I know you're all going to yell at me because you lurv Haley and Nathan; I think they make a good couple too, but it's a bit over the top, don't you think?

And we're back in the present as Haley arrives in the gym just in time for the game to start. She sits down beside Keith. Dan barks, "This is YOUR night! This is YOUR gym. Take no prisoners!" He puts his right hand in: "Hands IN!" The boys put their hands in, and Luke says, "Let's win this one for Whitey." The team grunts in approval, but Dan brings them all down: "Hey! Forget the old man. You win this for yourselves." Dim shouts some illegible chant that contains the words "win," "evermore," or "nevermore" or something. Blah ritual blah. Luke's about to take his place on the court when Dan barks, "Hey! There's no name on your jersey." What he's just noticing this now? Didn't Luke cannibalize that "Scott" months ago at the bonfire? Luke smiles cockily at him and replies, "Yeah there is --" He points to the Ravens over his chest. "It's right there." Dunno if Dan's proud of him or not, because he half-smiles at Luke in a strange way. Plus, what does he care if Luke's jersey doesn't say "Scott," it's not like he even wants to be the guy's dad. I guess it's just because he wants the Scott name to have glory tonight? Man, he's hard to read; you think Dan's about to crack, display some human emotion, and then he never comes through, he's just the same cold-hearted, miserable bastard he's been all season.

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