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And speaking of emotion, we flash back to Luke coming into Whitey's office to talk to his father. He knocks on the door and steps timidly into the room: "Listen, um, I talked to my mom, and I guess I'm sorry for resenting you for not wanting to be in my life." Pause. "I didn't know you wanted custody." Luke takes a deep breath: "I also never said thank you for rescuing me from the accident." And Dan doesn't bite; he doesn't even inch one bit closer to his son: "You should be on the floor right now for practice. Go run sprints." Luke doesn't say anything, but obediently walks out the door, and again, Dan looks at him strangely, maybe with a mixture of pride and regret, or maybe with a cold, hard stare of someone who closed his heart off to his kid years ago. I can't honestly tell.

Back in the game again, the boys form up for the tip-off. A Masonboro Mean Dude says, "Better watch that sore shoulder." Luke cuts back, "You'd better watch the scoreboard." Ohh! He wins that genius showdown. Not. Yawn. The ball goes up, and the Ravens win the "tip" as Mouth narrates, "Nathan Scott brings it up front to the delight of his hometown crowd. I'll tell you there's a lot of love in the air tonight!" Cut to Peyton smiling over at Brooke as they do their cheerleading thing.

And we're flashing back; this time we're in the same skanky bar where the kids always end up. Brooke sits there nursing her girlie drink as Psycho Nikki comes over and sits down. Brooke says, "That seat's reserved for my friend Peyton." Nikki's black eyeliner swerves so far down her face that it looks like her eyes are dripping. And lopsided, but whatever, she's a freak: "Your friend, huh?" Brooke half-smiles as she says coyly, "As far as she knows." Brooke smiles directly at Nikki, who says, "Where's Jake, Brooke?" Brooke replies, "Buy me a drink and maybe I'll tell you." The music bomp-bomps in the background. I half expect some naked boys making out behind her, it sounds so much like Queer as Folk. Nikki and Brooke size each other up across the table, with each girl trying to out-bitch the other.

Cut back quickly to the last shot before the commercials: Brooke winking at Peyton, and the two of them grinning. Are they back, or aren't they? What does a murder of Ravens Cheerleaders symbolize?

Oh, look. A Cingular ad. Yawn.

The girls yell, "Defense!" Mouth tells us that Masonboro are giving the Ravens a run for their money in the second quarter. The Mean Mason gets past Lucas and dunks. He shouts, "All night baby!" Dan shouts, "Shut up, you little punk." Mouth narrates, "Could be the time away, or Dan Scott's influence, but they have dug themselves a hole and it's going to be a long battle back." The crowd cheers. Luke runs off to the other end of the court. I really like it when they actually play basketball; it grounds the show in a context that it seems to miss when it's not the central focus. Anyway. Karen looks over at Keith, who looks at her for a minute, and then studies his toes. We fade to white.

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