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We're back at Keith's -- maybe that night Luke announced he was leaving, maybe another night, but it's definitely within that time period. Keith holds a picture of a much younger Karen holding Lucas, while he sits beside both of them. Keith's smile feels warm and natural, like he's extremely happy. He holds the photograph and asks Karen painfully, "Did you ever love me, Karen?" Karen's reply is equally as pained: "I do love you, Keith." Keith says, "Not like that --" Karen lets out a deep, emotional breath and turns away, teary. She says, "I don't know how to answer that." She dances around the issue as she steps around the room, walking off how uncomfortable she feels talking about personal emotions. Keith stands still, staring right at her: "You don't know how to, or you don't want to?" Her eyes fill up with tears as she says breathily, "Keith! I don't want you to leave like this." He shakes his head and examines his feet again. Perhaps he's deciding to finally untuck his pants from his boots. Keith: "It's a little late for that. But at least, let's tell the truth, okay. I'm not leaving for a job or for some fresh perspective, or because I always wanted to get out this town." He takes a deeply dramatic pause. "I'm leaving because I can't look at you anymore without my heart breaking." Oh man, my heart just broke there for him. He asks her pointedly, "How many serious relationships have you had since Dan? I'll tell you: none." Moira's permanently applied that breathy "emotional voice" as she asks him, "Why are you doing this?" Keith answers, "Karen, it was a dark day when you said no to my proposal. But I can live with that." He glances down at his shoes again, notices perhaps they need a polish. Oh right, we're being serious, and they're actually doing a good job in this scene so I should probably stay on track. "I don't need you to love me." Pause. "But you've got to open up your heart to somebody. You've got to let somebody discover how staggering you are. Just don't be alone. That I can't live with." Oh, Keith? How much do you hurt, buddy? How much?

Game on! Karen swallows hard as she looks away from Keith. Mouth narrates, "The Ravens have the ball. Tim Smith passes to Nathan Scott. Nathan takes it in for the dunk!" Peyton waves her poms wickedly in the air and shouts, "Go Nathan!" Brooke does the same. The two share another look.

Now, we're in Peyton's room. She's wearing a small blue tank top, and Brooke sits on her bed. Brooke says, "You know you can trust me." Ah, but we don't know! We don't know that at all! Peyton steps forward with her hands on her hips and says, "Brooke, it's really important to me that Nikki never finds out where Jake took Jenny." Strange, is this the Brooke that lied to Lucas for a full day before telling him the truth about being pregnant? Or is this the Brooke that was all concerned about Peyton when she almost got date-raped? Which one is she today? I can't tell -- that girl has more personalities then Maya Rudolph does on Saturday Night Live. Brooke looks at Peyton and says calmly, "I know it's important to you, Peyton. That's why you can trust me with this." Quick cut back to the bar that night; Brooke nurses a drink. The camera focuses solidly on Brooke's face as we hear Nikki say, "So she still hasn't told you." Brooke replies, "No, but she will. She thinks we're tight again." Nikki's lopsided hair hangs down long beside her lopsided face: "Not that I care, but you must really hate Peyton to betray her trust like this." Brooke fiddles with her glass and then looks right at Psycho Nikki: "Yeah, well, she's got it coming. If Jake and Jenny meant anything to her she'll know what it feels like to have her heart crushed, won't she?" Nikki says coldly, "Fine by me." They both look evil as they take sips of their drinks. What is she doing? What's going on? How many subplots must we be confronted with in one episode?

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