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Now it's Haley's turn to remember a night a few days ago when she was really scared. She's bending over, whisper-shouting, "Lucas!" She takes a couple steps and whisper-shouts, "Luke! I'm scared." They're in a graveyard. Um, why? That's all I want to know. Whatever, it's a bogus setting, but that's not remotely surprising for this show; they've busted out the clichés on more than one occasion this episode, and I'm sure it's not going to stop here. Maybe it's their homage to Thriller. Haley whisper-shouts, "Luke! This is so not cool. Come out here right now. Lucas Scott!" He jumps out from behind some sort of crypt and yells, "Boogity-blah!" Honestly. That's what he says. She pummels him in the stomach, and he bends over and says, "Dammit! Haley! You're going to kill me. You know you can even die like that." She whisper-shouts, "Well, you deserve it, dumbass, I told you I didn't want to take this shortcut." Maybe it's their homage to Buffy and/or Angel. Luke wants to know why she's whispering, because "these people, they're dead." She walks up close to him and says, "I know but if you keep yelling the stupid zombies are going to hear us." They continue to walk, but Luke wants her to stop so he can tell her something. She walks back to him and jokes, "What is her name and what did you do that you regret?" Luke smirks and shoves his hands in his pockets: "I'm going to Charleston with Keith." All right, for how long? "For good. I'm moving there." Haley's face falls: "What are you talking about?" Luke answers, "Keith got a job in Charleston, and I'm going to live with him there after the season's over." She starts to walk away, but he calls out, "Haley! I need to go. Come on, don't do that." She yells, "Don't do what? You cannot bring me out into the middle of a creepy cemetery and tell me that you are leaving Tree Hill for good, that is not fair." He says, "Come on, Haley, it's not that far, I'll still see you." She cries, "Not like now. Who's going to go thrift store hunting with me? Who's going to buy bad music or go to the campus lost and found and claim weird stuff? Who's going to do that stuff with me?" He says quietly, "Nathan." Pause. "And me too sometimes." He tells her that he's thought a lot of about this lately, and he thinks he'll be a better person if he goes now. But he's going to miss her; she's his best friend, and she always will be. They embrace. Haley cries. He asks if she's okay, but she tells him that she's scared again. Luke rubs her back, but you know it's not going to change anything. He's going to Charleston under the false pretence that running away actually makes you a better person, when in fact all it does is make the people around you either miss you or remember the good stuff -- because without Luke in their faces, they won't remember the bad.

Back in the heat of the game. The Ravens are down two points, and there's just a few seconds left on the clock. Mouth narrates, "The Ravens need a stop." Nathan yells out to his brother, "Got anything left in that shoulder?" Luke glances at his shoulder patches and says, "Little bit." Nate says, "Okay then, let's take this thing." Masonboro tosses the ball back into play. After much complicated manoeuvring that includes some double-teaming and a grab for the free ball, the Ravens have possession. Nate calls for a quick time-out. Dan screams at them to bring it in. He shouts, "Look at me, look at me! Who's scared? Because if you're scared out there I don't want you in this game. You can sit your ass down on that bench." He barks out the play, which consists of Nathan getting the ball and the rest of the team clearing the way for him to score. He wants Nate to wait for the last five seconds of the game before he "shoves it down their throats." Dim points out that they'll be on Nathan like flies on flypaper. Dan doesn't care; he turns to Nate and barks, "Great players make great plays." Dan shouts, "Bring it in!" Dim takes his cue to do the ever-present before-play chant: "Win it on three! One! Two! Three!" The team tosses their hands in and all shout in unison, "Win it!" Bam! Just like that we're back in the game. Masonboro makes their own play and comes back onto the court. Luke says to his brother, "Hey, it means nothing if you can't knock down the shot." And we're off. Peyton shouts. Mouth narrates. Luke throws the ball in. Dim passes it to Nate, but he can't get free. The clock runs down to four seconds, to three -- he makes a split-second decision and tosses the ball to Lucas. Luke jumps for the three-pointer as the clock ticks down to zero, but the ball bounces off the rim, and Masonboro wins. Luke drops to his knees and throws his arms above his head in defeat. The crowd sits down. Dan seethes. But Nathan, of all people, walks past his brother and rubs him on his shoulder, which proves that Luke'll be harder on himself than the rest of the team combined. As Mouth reminded us only seconds earlier, that's the end of basketball for the Ravens this season. That's the trouble with the game, boys, someone always has to lose, and at some point, it had to be you.

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