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Life Lesson: Everyone Take Off!

Previously on One Tree Hill: Deb and Dan have a wicked fight that ends up with the two of them in bed. Keith admits to Karen that Tree Hill doesn't feel like home anymore. Brooke brings Slutty Nikki to the party, and she turns into Psycho Nikki. She starts her own fake-ass fight with Peyton. Luke's torrid one-night stand with said Psycho comes out, and Peyton's totally pissed. So much for the two of them being friends. Nathan is arrested. Brooke and Peyton half make up. Dan tries to drag Nathan out of jail, but he's not buying it, and neither is Luke.

Yes, yes, we know, you don't want to be anything other than you. We get that. We really, really do.

It's morning in Tree Hill. Our hero, The Chad, sleeps on his back, his arm playfully above his head, in just the right position for us to see the massive bulge of his muscle, the flatness of his stomach, and the shortness of his hair. Because Luke got a hair cut, and it took about five years off his age. Wow. I can't believe he actually looks like a teenager -- with the body of a man in his mid-twenties, mind you, but whatever. He certainly looks better. There's an insistent knock on his door. Luke wakes up, glances at the tick-tock clock beside his bed, sees that it's just 6 AM, and jumps out of bed like he's rehearsed this scene three hundred times. He opens the door, and leans on the doorframe so Nathan, standing on his porch, gets a good glimpse of his armpit. Ew. Nate says, "Get dressed." Luke squints at him: "Dude, it's six in the morning. What are you doing?" Thank goodness The Chad has also shaved. Nathan replies, "We're going running." Luke says, "No, man, I'm going to bed." Nathan: "I'll just keep knocking." Heh. Luke looks at his brother with a touch of resignation.

See Ravens run. See Ravens talk as they run. They don't even seem winded. Ah, to be young again. Nathan: "The playoffs are next week. We've got to get you ready, man." Slap slap go their shoes on the pavement. "Work out, studying game tapes, whatever it takes." Luke says breathily, "Why?" Nathan answers, "Because I want to win. And I need your help." Pause. "Besides, you stood up to my dad the other day, and I owe you one." Do you think it's Haley that has brought them closer together, or a mutual dislike for Dan? Regardless, it's nice to see them acting like brothers. They stop running, and Luke starts panting. He's supposed to be out of shape, right? He says, "So, listen, there's something that's been bothering me. That thing Dan said about asking my mom what kind of parent he was, any idea what he meant?" Nathan tells Luke it's probably just more of Dan's mind games. They walk off down the road together, having a conversation that doesn't end up with one of them getting punched in the head. Now, that's progress.

Peyton's turned her web cam back on. Yawn. She's doing up her belt, giving web pervs the world over enough to keep them going through the rest of the day. Larry knocks on the door, calling out wondering if she's decent. Peyton cracks, "If you mean clothing-wise, yes." Larry comes in and comments on the cam. She says dryly, "Oh. Damn. I got dressed in front of that web cam." She giggles while he tells her not to say that. He continues, "I thought you said that thing was evil anyway." She says, "Well, yeah, but that's before I saw you pull your duffel bag out of the closet." Peyton puts on her Converse sneakers. "Were you going to tell me you were leaving?" Larry explains that he's just making a short run to Florida. He'll only be gone for six days. Peyton jokes, "Okay, five nights to party." Larry says quickly, "And no time to talk, so here it comes." He continues, "Um, are you comfortable with me seeing Lucas's mom? If it's too weird for you --" Peyton insists that it's not too weird. She tells him that she likes Karen. Larry asks, "Is there something going on with you and Lucas?" Peyton ties up her shoe. People get up early in Tree Hill. She says, "Not really. It's cool." She puts her foot down, literally: "What if it was too weird for me, you dating Karen." Larry laughs and tells her she'd just have to get used to it. Wow. A whole scene, and I don't want to make a comment about sawdust or puppets or anything. Peyton tells her dad to just "do his thing," gives him a fist to bump, smiles, and then looks mournfully into her web cam. Larry smiles on his way out of her room, but gets serious for a minute as he tells her to "shut that thing off." But she can't shut it off, she's "Punk'd and Disorderly." Yawn.

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