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Life Lesson: Everyone Take Off!

Peyton's at home feeling sorry for herself (read: drawing) when Haley shows up looking for advice about Nathan's porn habits. Haley notices she's not herself, and asks if she's all right. Peyton tells her she's not okay because she screwed up pretty badly with Jenny yesterday. So, it's Sunday? Haley asks if she's okay. Peyton admits that she's fine, and everything's okay, but there was potential for it to have been a very bad situation. Peyton says, "I'm an idiot." Then she asks Haley what's going on with her, and Haley hesitates because she sees that Peyton's dealing with some of her own crap. Peyton says not to worry about it, so Haley sits on the bed and tells her the whole, ahem, sordid story. Haley describes it as "creepy" porn. Peyton, ever the optimist, asks, "How creepy, like she-male midgets?" Heh. Now that's something even I'd like to see -- that's something that Haley should at least be concerned about. Haley says, "No, like Pamela Anderson wanna-bes." Pause. "I'm right to be bothered by this, right? You would be bothered by this if it was Nathan, right?" Okay, I understand and support all the arguments against porn, blah objectification of women, blah degradation of women, blah porn blah, but Haley should also have enough self-confidence and self-awareness to know that sex sometimes isn't about love for men, and that porn might just be an emotional release for guys who don't know how else to deal with their feelings. Finally, she should totally lighten up because it's not like Nate's doing drugs and ordering hookers. Anyway, Peyton tells Haley she really wouldn't have been all that bothered, but mainly because she didn't love Nathan like Haley does. Haley says, "You know, he says he's totally cool with waiting, but he's filling up with cyber-sex in the meantime." Blah she can't compete blah. Peyton tells her that she doesn't have to compete with anyone because she's got Nathan's heart, and doesn't that count for anything?

Luke and Nathan are in the weight room, working out. Luke's on the bench and Nathan's spotting him. Nate says, "It only took my dad fifteen minutes to B.S. the athletic committee. We're so screwed, man." Luke says, "Only if we let him get to us." He pumps the weights up and down while breathing heavily. Nathan replaces the bar and goes to find some more weights to add to what's already there. Luke sits up and asks what happened with Haley, because he tried to call her, and she wouldn't pick up. Nathan looks at his brother: "Let's just say, um, she found out I'm looking at some web sites that don't exactly make me boyfriend of the year." Nathan continues, "Not like it's any of your business, but, um, Haley and I, we're not, she's not, you know, so, I'm just trying not to pressure her at all." Nate sits down on the bench to begin his workout. Luke says, "Yeah, sure." Then he chuckles, "Porn freak." Nathan laughs and tells him to "shut up, dude." Luke holds the bar and teases him: "Hey, just stay away from sites with farm animals, okay." Nathan cracks up, sits up, and they continue to joke around with each other. And, you know, it's a sweet scene where they're acting like brothers, getting along, and just being themselves. It's actually my favourite scene in this episode. I like the two of them here. It makes sense. Of course, Dan sees this, and we don't really know what he's thinking until Whitey comes along and cuts him down: "Most fathers would be touched by that scene. But I'm guessing it's your worst nightmare, Coach." Dan doesn't say anything. He just looks at his two boys as they continue to talk and laugh. Maybe the two of them having a relationship is just the medicine Dan needs to smarten the hell up. But who am I kidding. Dan doesn't think he has a sickness that needs a cure.

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