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Life Lesson: Everyone Take Off!

Later that night, Luke shows up at Haley's and collapses onto her bed. She asks, "What happened to you?" He tells her that it was the first practice with Dan. Haley: "That brutal, huh?" Luke groans, "Un-huh." Pause. "Especially for Nathan, poor guy." Haley: "You're concerned about Nathan?" Luke: "Well, yeah, I saw firsthand today how horrible it is between him and Dan." Luke sits up and makes his point, you know, the one he was just dancing around the last few minutes: "You know, he really needs you Hails. Maybe you should cut him a break on this whole internet thing." Haley says quietly, "He, um, told you about that?" Luke laughs: "Yeah, it's weird, right? But we're talking more now, and look, at least he's not cheating on you." Haley's righteous indignation stands tall: "He's looking at plastic bimbos!" Luke defends his brother: "It could be worse! Look, did you ever think that maybe all this is just helping him so he can give you space so he doesn't have to hassle you about sex?" Haley's high horse neighs. And then it whinnies. Maybe it wants an apple. Instead, it gets a quasi-irritating speech that really doesn't belong on this show: "He shouldn't need space. He should be better than that especially if he loves me and I cannot believe that you're defending him. Who's protecting my heart in all this, Luke?" Luke feels the horse jut him in the ass, and quiets down: "Okay, okay! I didn't say it was okay, all right. I'm just saying after what I saw in the gym today, man, the guy just needs a little support."

Peyton knocks on Jake's door; he answers, and she apologises again. He says, "I'm mad at Nikki, okay, you I'm just disappointed in." Peyton's in almost tears when she says, "It was two seconds!" Jake tells her that it only takes two seconds. I'm wondering if he'd feel better if he had a horse to climb on? He continues, "I just got off the phone with the Legal Aid attorney and she says that Jenny's fair game. And that the judge usually sides with the birth mother." Peyton exasperates, "Even if you can prove what a horrible person she is?" Jake replies, "You saw how she played that cop in the mall. She's going to play that same game with the judge." Pause. "What if she wins, Peyton? I mean, I could lose Jenny." Peyton cries, "I'm so sorry!" Jake insists he's got to get out of Tree Hill. Where would he go? To a cousin of his in Savannah. No-o-o-o-o-o! He can't leave! Then we're stuck with The Chad, and only The Chad! Wouldn't that make things worse? Jake explains, "If Nikki comes after Jenny, the lawyer says it would end up costing me a fortune to fight her, and my parents are already strapped as it is." Pause. "This would wipe them out, and I can't do that to them." Blah he can't stay there, blah he might lose her blah.

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