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Life Lesson: Everyone Take Off!

In Karen's Café, Deb gets a package. It's her divorce papers. She looks at them, and Karen asks if it's bad news. Deb says, "Once they're signed and filed, it'll all be over." Karen asks quietly, "It's what you wanted, isn't it?" Deb replies, "Yeah, I'm just surprised. I never expected to feel sad."

The music montage continues as Nate and Luke race up and down the basketball court. Dan comes upon them, wearing a Ravens basketball jacket. They stop dead when they see him, and you know, they all look related; it's sort of freaky.

Deb signs the papers, and cries.

In the morning, the gulls cackle, and the weather looks blustery. Jake walks down the dock wearing Jenny around his neck, carrying his guitar case and an overnight bag. Peyton's there waiting for him. She says she was hoping he wouldn't show. She says quietly, "Jenny, you take care of your dad, hey." Jake mumbles, "Peyton --" But she interrupts, "Don't say anything." She leans in and kisses him quickly. He embraces her and then kisses the top of her head. Damn, I'm jealous of that head! Damn you, Peyton! Jake gets on the boat with her dad, and Peyton looks tearfully at them. She waves. He waves. And the best thing on this damn show gets on the boat to float away from Psycho Nikki and all her crap. So, now he's kidnapping his baby and getting himself in a world of trouble instead of facing her; he's running from the problem, which looks romantic, but it's about as stable as that horse Haley's been riding around town.

Peyton cries on her bed when Luke comes into her room. She's less than happy to see him. He asks if she's okay; she tells him she's got some stuff going on. Luke says that he knows, but that he wanted to apologize again, for not being a better person. "I'm trying, Peyton. And I don't know what else to say." She tells him honestly: "It's not about what you say, Lucas. It's about what you do. You don't like the person you've become, then do something about it because no one's going to do it for you." He knows. That's why he came by: "I'm going to be making a few changes, and I just wanted to see you before I do." On his way out, Luke says, "I'll be seeing you, Peyton." She doesn't think twice about that strange visit, but she rolls over onto her bed and continues feeling sorry for herself.

Karen shows up at Keith's for Round Two. Where's the buxom boxing ring girl when you need her? Oh, right, that's objectification, and Haley slaps me across the face. Damn, that horse gets around. Karen says, "I didn't want this." What's that? "This, you moving away, you being upset with me." Keith: "Well, neither of us wanted it, but, um, somehow that's where we are." Karen jumps right in: "Did I trap you? Did I trick you into loving Lucas?" He says no, and that she didn't trick him into loving her either. Karen asks, "And the fact that I lied about Dan's intentions, does that change all this?" Keith admits that it colours it a bit differently, yes. Why? "No matter what I said back then, Dan would still be the same reprehensible person he's become, and you'd still be there for Lucas and me." Now it's Keith's turn to be honest, maybe more honest than Karen wants: "What for? So I can end up pushing forty still living in a bachelor apartment? Don't you see, Karen, you got what you needed, and so did Lucas. But what about me?" Pause. "I stood by you and I stood by Lucas, and I'm glad I did that but I can't help but think why, what do I get out of it." Karen says, "You get a boy who loves you."

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