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Life Lesson: Everyone Take Off!

There's a knock on the door. And Luke's there. He says, "I'm sorry to interrupt but we need to talk." Karen says that's okay, and asks him what's up. Luke walks into the room wearing that patronizing tone he uses when talking to his "mother": "Look, I know you did your best, Mom, and if you hadn't kept Dan away, Keith and I probably wouldn't have been so close and I would have hated to miss that." Pause. "So I understand now why you had to keep that secret to yourself. You just had to find yourself on your own, right." Karen says quietly, "Yes." Luke continues, "That's what I want too, to start over. That's what you did when you shut Dan out, and that's what you're doing by leaving town." Keith asks, "What do you mean by starting over?" Luke's eyes well up with tears: "I mean get away. Away from Dan, away from this place, away from all the mistakes I've been making." Pause. "I want to go with Keith. Mom." He nods. "I want to leave Tree Hill." Karen looks down and doesn't say anything. That's the cliffhanger for this episode? That Luke wants to run away like a baby from Peyton and Brooke? How is that acting like a man? How is that anything but cowardly? How is that realizing your mistakes and trying to make it better? Damn, Luke's more of a baby than we ever thought possible. He's just going to abandon his newfound pal Nathan, leave him to the wolves of Dan and run away with Keith? How stupid is he? How stupid is this show?

Next week on OTH: The playoff game gets out of control, and Dan kicks Nathan off the team. Haley and Nathan make out in the rain. They're all, ahem, wet. The voice-over says it's all about goodbyes, so Haley embraces Luke as he says he's going to miss her. Brooke has drinks with Nikki, who says, "You must really hate Peyton." Brooke answers, "She's got it coming." The voice-over continues, "And a secret so big you'll be talking about it all summer!" Dan screams, "You do not exist to me!" to Keith. Cut to Deb and Keith having wine and talking about how everything got all messed up. Oh, then Dan comes in and catches the two of them in bed together. And why didn't Deb get the locks changed? So, everyone ready for the season finale? Looks like we might have to saddle up our horses and ride the hell on out of Tree Hill too, after that mashed potato preview.

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