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Life Lesson: Everyone Take Off!

Luke sees Peyton holding her poms in the quad, and runs up to her. He shouts, "Peyton! Come on, can I talk to you?" She turns her back to him and starts to walk away until he catches up. She retorts, "That depends, are you telling lies or just things that aren't true?" Brooke stands nearby and watches the whole scene go down. Luke: "Okay, I deserved that, but about the other night --" Peyton snaps, "Whatever, Luke, explain it to your friend Nikki." Brooke bitches to her friend under her breath, "Can you believe it?" Peyton walks away and joins Brooke. The two girls look back at him with mutual disgust. They give him a wicked-ass Heathers stare and flit away like girls who have done no wrong in their lives. Nothing about how Peyton led Luke on, changed her mind, and then only wanted him back after he got together with Brooke. Oh no, she's done nothing wrong. Nothing about how she wouldn't be half as upset about this whole Nikki thing if she weren't Jake's ex-girlfriend, because she sort of likes him too, and how would Luke feel about that whole situation.

Brooke comes up to Peyton in the gym after practice and says, "So, now that Lucas has out-slutted the both of us are we back to hos over bros?" Peyton says slyly, "Okay, she's talking to me, does that mean she's shopping with me?" Pause. "I was thinking we could spend a little trial make-up time at the mall." Brooke says, "There may be hope for you yet!" Whitey's whistle blows in the meantime, thankfully saving me from that conversation. He yells at the boys to "gather" round. And there's Jake! Aw, sweet, sweet Jake! The best thing about boys who play basketball are a) their basketball shoulders and b) their basketball calves. And thankfully, these boys are all in their mid-twenties so I'm not too much of an old lady to appreciate their sleek athletic beauty. Anyway. They gather. Whitey grunts, "All right, listen up. Next week you boys are going to be winning your first playoff game." Pause. "I, however, am going to be flat on my back at the hospital." Luke asks what's up. Whitey answers, "Oh, just a little eye surgery. I've got a paranoid doc who says I can't put it off any longer." Whitey is almost totally bald. He's even starting to look like Yoda. He tells the boys that if he actually wants to see them win state, he'll have to miss the first playoff game. Nate asks who's going to coach them. Whitey answers, "Coach MacCallum most likely." There are grumbles. It's pretty funny that no one else on the team is allowed to talk. I guess it's expensive if the extras actually have lines.

Whitey continues, "And if you use this as an excuse to slack off, I can promise you there'll be hell to pay." He points at all of them with his Woda Finger of Death. "Now, go hit the showers!" The boys run off -- well, except for Luke, who asks if Woda needs anything. Whitey smiles and says, "Yeah, my youth back!" He wipes his eyes and walks away. Luke jogs and catches up with Nate. He asks if MacCallum's any good. Nate answers, "No, J.V. sucks. This one's going to be up to you and me." You know, it's somewhat sweet that Nathan actually gives his brother props now where the game's concerned. Before he was always after him to get off the team, that he'd never be good enough, blah dee bastard blah. Now it's sort of the Scott brothers against the world. Maybe they'll invent a rocket ship while they're all pals and stuff. Maybe they'll fly to the moon in the their rocket ship. Maybe they'll take tango lessons together and become international spies. The sky's the limit when it comes to the two of them getting along. The sky's the limit.

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