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Life Lesson: Everyone Take Off!

Keith's packing up his apartment when Luke comes by for a visit. Keith says, "I just ordered some pizza. Interested?" Luke says, "Sure." Luke launches right into a discussion about Dan and how he wanted shared custody. Keith smiles and says, "Oh, is he spreading that lie again." Luke tells his uncle that Karen says it's actually the truth. "What, like how he called her from college." Luke explains, "No. Dan wanted joint custody. I thought you knew that." No, Keith didn't know that, which means it will now replace Lost Love as Issue #1 in this week's episode. Luke asks, "Do you think things would have been different if Mom would have given him a chance?" Keith says quickly, "What, like the chance he had with Nathan?" Luke wants to know what Dan was like back then. Because it's easy to see a guy who never cared, and to hate him because of that, but knowing this now changes everything for Luke. Even though, as Keith points out, he's still a jackass. Luke says, "I know he's a bad guy. But maybe he just made some poor choices and it got out of control. I mean, I've been doing that myself." Keith points out the obvious flaw in Luke's argument: "You're not Dan." Okay, this is exactly what would have happened if had Dan gotten joint custody of Lucas: First, Deb would be pissed off. Second, Dan would have bought Luke expensive stuff to piss Karen off and "buy" his son's love. Third, he would have pitted both boys against one another in everything they did. Fourth, he would have consistently made Luke feel like a bastard child, and blamed him for everything that went wrong in his life -- like he does now, only on a much more intense basis. So, in the end, I don't really see why everyone's making such a big freaking issue with a capital "I" out of this "secret." It's not like anything would have ended up differently. Luke would have ended up as screwed up as poor Nate. Anyway. Keith continues, "The man's whole life is poor choices." Luke says, "Well, maybe that's just it, maybe this is the one that changed him." Keith lets out a long breath meant to signify frustration, and probably a bit of disappointment that Karen kept something else from him all these years.

Haley shows up at Nathan's with a very heavy bag of books. She says, "You are totally saving my life. I have got to get a cable modem." He comes out of the bedroom with a bag and a basketball, saying, "Oh, that's cool, I've got to run to practice anyway. Then, I am going to pick up an extra shift at the mall to try to pay for this cable modem." Because, I guess, the super-duper computer was free. "And after that, I'm working out with Lucas." Haley puts her hand on her hip and jokes, "Well, who are you and what have you done to my real boyfriend?" Nathan smiles and tells her that she told him to "cut the guy some slack." Haley wants to know if it's really just another way of sticking it to Dan. Nate insists that's not what it is at all. No, Nate wants to win. He'll stick it to Dan by "racing" up in the record books. He kisses Haley and leaves. She opens the notebook and says, "English class, here I come."

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