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Life Lesson: Everyone Take Off!

So, Haley's working on an English paper about Darwin. Now, that's a bit strange, but whatever. It's an odd bit of irony that she's researching The Origin of the Species, because as she's typing, she tries to Google something beginning with "origin," and up pops a web site called "Original Sin -- Hot, Nasty Girls!" Because it's Nathan's computer. Because he's a boy. Well, he's looking at porn, and here we go with Issue #2 -- my boyfriend's a porn addict. Yawn. So, Haley looks up the site, and is disgusted. She searches through his links and finds all kinds of porn sites that have been bookmarked. And the oh-poor-poor-Haley music starts up. Please, he's a teenage boy. What did she expect?

Keith drops by Karen's house. She's doing laundry. Good to see we're back to earlier patterns where every time we see Karen, she's doing laundry. Anyway. He comes barrelling into the house, wanting to give her what-for: "Lucas came to see me last night. He had a lot of questions about what you told him, about Dan. And he wasn't the only one." Karen sort of half-patronizingly tells Keith that he has a right to be upset. "You're damn straight I have a right to be upset. Do you want to explain to me how you could keep that from me all these years?" Pause. "I've a right to know that Dan wanted custody!" Um, why does he have a right? It really doesn't have anything to do with him. Karen says snottily, "What would you have done differently? Would you have loved Lucas any less?" Keith says, "Of course not, but I might have had a different opinion about my brother." Oh, please. Everyone needs to get off his/her damned high horse. Karen shouts, "Oh come on, Keith! Your opinion of Dan is based on more than just his behaviour towards Lucas." I can't honestly believe this argument about this subject is taking up so much time in this episode. It's just an excuse. It really is -- what happened to the grandparents? What about those secrets? How many more secrets can two totally dysfunctional families have? Oh wait, didn't I just answer my own question. Keith continues, "Look, back then, he told me that he approached you about joint custody. I called him a liar. And now I find out the person who was lying was you." Karen shouts, "I was trying to protect Lucas!" She folds the towels furiously now: "I was trying to give him the best life possible. I was a kid, Keith, and I was scared too. I was scared that I'd lose you too, I mean, you two are brothers." Keith: "What, that I'd take his side over yours?" Karen admits that this is the truth. Keith says, "God, Karen. I thought you knew me better than that." And Keith leaves. He slams the door and walks out. She tosses her laundry aside in anger. Oh, the frustration of the lies coming out after all these years. Tell me, if Karen doesn't care about Keith, doesn’t love him, then why do they keep fighting? Why does she care what he thinks? What does it all matter?

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