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Blame It All On The Ball

Luke tries the "he had it coming" line on his mother. She doesn't buy it. Blah she was certain they had the wrong Scott when the school called, blah both Scotts, blah fighting, blah can't believe it blah. Luke yells, "The guy was being a jerk!" She responds, "And this is suddenly a surprise to you?" No, he's only always a jerk! "Why go down to his level?" Gosh, that's such a parent-knows-best line. Karen asks, "This wouldn't have anything to do with playing poorly, would it?" Luke snaps, "How would you know? You weren't even there!" Karen leaves the table. Luke tries to apologise.

Peyton stands outside Thud Magazine, but she can't go in -- instead she just drops her portfolio into the trashcan. Luke must have been back at Keith's, because he sees this and rescues it from its smelly demise. He's such a hero.

The next morning, Karen sits on her porch swing with a cup of coffee. Luke comes outside, playing with his t-shirt. It's really kind of sexy. She asks, "How'd you sleep?" He sits down beside her: "Not too good, I had this really bad dream where I was a jackass to my mom." They make up. Karen confesses that she just couldn't walk into the gym without everything that she hates about the decisions in her life feeling fresh again with every drop of the basketball. The gym is where Dan told Karen he was leaving. She says, "It's where everything changed." She takes a deep breath: "I don't regret one second of one day with you, okay, I don't. But, that was a hard day in that gym. It was basketball that he chose and I'm sorry that you have to hear things like that but I don't want to lie to you either." He says, "I'm sorry you have to live it." They embrace. I do like the development of the relationship between these two; the dialogue tends towards the Gouda, but it feels more honest than the obsessive, basketball-centric one between Nathan and Dan.

Speaking of which, the two are jogging. I have no idea what time it is or what day it is -- things like that don't matter much in Tree Hill. The clock runs on game time only. They stop so that Dan can further coach his son in the art of being a complete dickweed. Dan wants to talk about the team, surprise, surprise: "I know I've been hard on you, but it's because I see the big picture here. Whitey's not going to bench this kid just because of one bad game." Nathan says, "So what? Let him humiliate himself." Dan: "It's more then that, back when I played for Whitey, his word was law, he was always right, even when he was wrong." That chip on Dan's shoulder must be heavy if he's been carrying it around for the last fifteen years. Blah Dan lost the state championship game, blah on purpose, blah to prove Whitey wrong, blah he disobeyed Whitey, he needed to know, blah he got them to the championship, blah the team doesn't matter, only Nathan matters. Because that's the point of high school sports -- never listening to the coach, playing only for yourself, and making sure that you get the best out of every situation, screwing the guy beside you. Those are good lessons, Dan; you just continue to parent that way, and when Nathan messes up and gets himself kicked off the team for being a smart-ass, then ends up addicted to crack and smacking his girlfriend around because he's lost control over his life, see how it feels. In short, Dan tells Nathan to keep the pressure on Luke, because when it comes right down to it, all that matters is father and son. Whatever you have to tell yourself, Dan.

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