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The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

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Blame It All On The Ball

Tree Hill High. Luke's in the library. Jake comes up behind him and says, "Hey, Lucas, tough game the other night." Luke says yeah. Jake notes, "So you read a lot, huh?" Luke says yeah again. Jake introduces himself. They shake hands. Then Jake says, "There's a lot of talk about your one-on-one with Nathan. Man, I wish I could have been there." Luke shakes his head: "Ah, it was no big deal." Jake says, "Nathan, he's a hell of a player, but he buys into all this nonsense. You've got him scared." Luke looks perplexed. Jake hands him a copy of Atlas Shrugged and says, "Fear changes everything." He tells Luke that it's a good book, and that he'll like it. Jake continues, "You'll be fine. Just remember, don't let him take it." Luke: "I don't know what that means." Jake: "Yeah, I know, but you will." Aw, at least someone will bond with him. At least it's the cool guy with the cute tattoo. Turns out Luke's not the only sensitive, book-reading basketball wizard on the block.

Back in English class, Mr. Kelly's attempts his Hemingway project again. This time he hands out a piece of paper where the kids are supposed to write one single word to describe what they want most in their lives right now.

Luke practices down by the river. He still can't sink a basket to save his life. Nathan shows up, grabs the ball, and says, "It's like this." Luke just stands in the middle of the court with his hands on his pretty little hips. Nathan walks circles around his brother. Every time they cut to Luke, his shirt is partially tucked into his pants in a different way. I guess they had to shoot numerous times until James actually sank a couple of baskets. Nathan: "It's beautiful. I always wonder about it, we all do, right, what happens when it's gone. But I've never seen anybody lose it, like really lose it, till now." He shows off with a fancy jump shot. He tosses the ball back to Luke and says, "Prove me wrong." Luke replies that he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. Nathan snits, "That's pathetic. It's too bad really. I was really looking forward to taking you down slowly, but now, hell, what's the point, you already know it's over." He starts to walk back to his car. "Now, I'd say see you at practice, but we both know you're not going to be there. Why humiliate yourself, right?" Luke whips the ball at the car; it lands just under the front wheel. Nathan cracks, "See, you missed again." Ouch.

Practice. Woda calls out for Luke. He's not there. Whitey blows the whistle.

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