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Blame It All On The Ball

Peyton picks up her car from Keith's garage, where Luke's working the register. She snits, "No practice today?" He hands her something to sign. Then he gives back her portfolio along with her keys. She barks, "What, are you stalking me?" He replies, "I thought someone should see them." Peyton snaps, "It's none of your business." Luke: "Right, it's none of my business, and I wouldn't know anything about it." He follows her out the door, asking her why she doesn't think her sketches are good enough. She says, "I wanna draw something that means something to someone. You know, I want to draw blind faith or a fading summer." Heh. "Just a moment of clarity, it's like when you go and see a really great band live for the first time, and nobody's saying it, but everyone's thinking we've got something to believe in again." Double heh. "I want to draw that feeling." Phew. Hilarie stinks up the joint. She picks the worst words to emphasize, like she can't decide between "acting" and "really acting." Peyton doesn't pray to the altar of basketball, she prays to the gods of rock and roll. Blah if she can't be great, blah she doesn't want to ruin it blah. Luke looks at her like he understands, well, because he kind of does. She drives away. He wants her to take the sketchbook; she won't, because the comics don't mean anything to anybody.

Dan opens the door to Whitey's office. Woda yells, "People who value their lives usually knock first." Well, we all know Dan doesn't play by the rules. Dan snarks, "It's like a time capsule in here." He steps inside: "Well, you can let it go." Woda chuckles, "That's definitely the pot calling it black, isn't it?" Dan steps forward: "If you've got a problem with me, don't take it out on Nathan." Blah what problem, blah state championship. Oh, and get this -- Whitey's humiliated "Karen's son" in a "feeble" attempt to get even with Dan. Woda snarls, "That's a very convenient way of putting it -- might interest you to know that Karen's son's taken himself off the team." Dan smiles. "Does that make you happy, Danny?" Woda continues, "Seeing the demise of a kid you fathered and then abandoned." Dan chuckles. "Oh! Move Nathan back to shooting guard and you might find a way to win that state championship." He starts to walk away from Woda, who says, "You're just destroying kids' lives left and right, aren't you?" Dan retorts, "Well, you've made a career out of it, haven't you?" Bad blood boils to the top for a second, but then Whitey realizes the futility in assuming that Dan cares about anything but himself, so he puts his glasses back on and goes back to work. Poor Woda; seems like everyone's got a past that haunts him or her in Tree Hill.

Mr. Kelly flips through the Hemingway cards. He comes to one that says, "Truth." Cut to Peyton ripping all the art down off her walls in a pale attempt to acknowledge that her true dreams might not lie within her art. I go and fetch the bucket in case my lunch decides to reappear. The next card says, "Revenge," as we cut to Nathan working out yet again. Finally, he lands on "Answers," and we cut to Luke staring at the basketball hoop in the park. Whitey arrives. Luke rolls his eyes. Woda says, "Missed you at practice." Luke replies, "I can't do it." Whitey says, "Wanna know something, I have had thirty-five winning seasons, but you know what keeps me up at night? The college jobs I never took. The could-have-beens have a way of doing that." Luke nods. Woda continues, "We've got a game tomorrow night. You're on my team until tip-off. The rest is up to you." Luke takes a deep breath and nods. "Look, son, there's no shame in being afraid, hell, we're all afraid. What you've got to do is figure out what you're afraid of, because when you put a face on it, you can beat it. Better yet, you can use it. Think about it." Oh, wise Woda strikes again. Oh, I can't be so snarky -- you go, Whitey, you're one of the best things on this show.

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