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Blame It All On The Ball

Cue up the music as Luke jogs to the gym. But before he does, he hands off Peyton's portfolio to one of the guys who works at Thud. Haley sees him run by, and she smiles.

Nathan walks past his father carrying his duffel bag. Dan's voice has an odd, hollow effect as he tells Nathan not to think about anything -- not Whitey, not his teammates, nothing except for the game. I think Nathan's starting to feel the pressure, because he leaves without his gym bag.

Peyton arrives as the rest of the cheerleaders warm up. Brooke says, "I didn't think you were going to show up." Peyton drawls, "It's game night. Where else would I be?"

Dan comes into the school carrying Nathan's bag. He sees Lucas, but doesn't recognize him. He calls out, "Son!" Luke turns around, and Dan sees what a poor choice of words he just made. They share an awkward moment, and the Ice King says, "Give this to my boy, would you." He hands Luke the bag. Luke just looks at him and takes the bag. Jake walks up and says, "Don't let him take it." He points to Dan and continues, "Your talent." He grabs the bag from Luke and pats him on the shoulder. Luke takes a deep breath and heads into the change room. He reads from what I'm assuming is Atlas Shrugged, because it certainly doesn't sound like Hemingway, but I could be wrong; it's been years now since grad school. Luke examines the name on the back of his jersey as he voices over, "Do not let the hero in your soul perish."

Karen walks into the gym. She sees Dan, but Keith calls her over and she sits with them. The team heads into the gym, but as they pass under the flailing poms, Luke stops and says to Peyton, "Hey, your art matters. It's what got me here." She tries not to feel anything, but you know that makes her happy. The Ravens' hands are all in for the one-two-three. Then the team breaks. Whitey says to Luke, "You're going to be okay." He replies, "Yeah, I am." Whitey moves away to reveal Dan sitting in his customary seat in the bleachers. They stare at each other. But when Luke turns around, you see that he's ripped the Scott off the back of his jersey. And left it behind, along with any feelings he had about becoming his father -- see, not only do they pray to altar of basketball to heal their souls, but they look towards the lights in the gym to heal their fear as well. Go Ravens go.

Next week: Karen tells the woman I'm assuming is Nathan's mom that she's still the "petty little bitch" she knew in high school. Brooke tells Peyton that she wants a boyfriend, then proceeds to undress in the back of Luke's truck. And Haley makes a new friend, but apparently, "Lucas can never know." Ohh, wonder who that is -- 'cause twenty bucks says it's not Nathan, no matter what the WB wants us to believe.

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