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A frightful scream wakes Brooke up from her alcohol-induced slumber. She's still wearing her red party dress from last week, so I'm assuming it's now Saturday morning, the day after Dan's fabulous party. Peyton is watching an old black-and-white horror movie on the television in her bedroom. I really wish Peyton would use the rest of the house. Honestly, her father's never home. You're telling me she only ever wants to sit on her bed, lie on her bed, and watch television in her bloody bed? She never wants to, oh, I don't know -- make use of a bloody couch? The woman in the film screams as she sees a girl hanging from the rafters. Peyton snarks, "That's going to leave a mark." Then she turns the volume down. Brooke looks confused and says, "So, what am I doing here?" Peyton barks, "Brooke! That's two weekends in a row you don't remember what happened the night before." Brooke knows what's really important: "Oh please tell me I didn't make a fool of myself with Lucas." So, she's suffering from day-after-Dan's-party doldrums. I'm glad these two girls have such a prototypical high-school-girl friendship. They ruin each other's lives the one minute, and are best friends the next. Peyton answers, "Nope. That'd be me." Brooke: "Wait, you two were totally hot for each other." Peyton: "Were. Until about halfway through ripping each other's clothes off, I bailed." Because? "Because he got all serious! He was talking about this intense commitment, or I don't know." Brooke ponders Peyton's mishap for a second. "I do not want to live in a world where two fine and willing girls like ourselves can have such a lame Friday night." Peyton snickers. They don't even talk about Brooke's embarrassing game of Truth or Dare, nor do they even discuss the way she kept trying to get Peyton and Nathan back together. In fact, they don't really talk about anything that happened at all. I take it back; I don't get these two at all. Brooke sighs, "I've got to change my karma." She looks over at Peyton: "Maybe you should make some changes too." Peyton points out that she wasn't the one who woke up with a foggy memory. Brooke is quick to note that Peyton didn't wake up with Lucas either. Uh-huh, so there, neither one of them got what they wanted. But seeing as they both want the same thing (Lucas), you can only imagine how this is going to turn out.

And…speak of the devil. Luke and Haley are flipping through CDs at the local record store. I half expect Jack Black to jump out and start harassing them about their choices. I couldn't care less about the band they're talking about, so I'm going to swap in my own names. Haley says, "Hey, did you ever hear of The Weakerthans or Fembots?" Luke replies, "Yeah, The Weakerthans, they're from Winnipeg, right? Yeah, they're good. Oh, Fembots, yeah, they're great." Nathan walks through the door wearing his letter jacket and looking rather humble. His hands are in his pockets. It's the universal gesture for I-was-an-asshole-can-you-please-forgive-me. Luke looks down at Haley and asks if she's okay. Haley runs her hands through her hair and tells Luke she can handle it. Okay, maybe it's mid-afternoon on Saturday, and about twelve hours have passed since Nathan tried to apologize the first time, so he must really like Haley, because he was never that nice to Peyton. He says, "I called your house and your mom said you were here." Hell, he's even tracked her down to a public place so she has no choice but to listen to him. Aw, now that's love for you. Haley snaps, "Well, I'll be sure to lie to her next time." Nathan whines, "Look, I didn't know that Brooke read that note. I didn't even know there was a note until later." Haley tosses him a smart-girl stink-eye. Nathan continues, "I wouldn't do that to you." His eyebrows burrow into his forehead like squirrels hibernating in a tree for the winter. Haley says, "Okay." Nathan: "Great, so we're cool?" Haley says rather honestly, "No, we're not." Nathan whines, "Well, you believe me, right?" Haley replies, "I believe you're sorry." He huffs, "Then, what?" She says, "Look, this whole tutoring, hanging out, whatever it is, thing, it's just a bad idea. I'm done, it's just done." And just like that, she walks out of the record store, leaving both Scott boys behind. Now it's Luke's turn to give Nathan the stink-eye. Except he really doesn't -- he just sort of stands at the back of the store looking at Nathan, and maybe kind of feeling sorry for him?

Peyton and Brooke are in the fancy girlie store -- a combination of Victoria's Secret and something not so mall-inspired. Brooke's got some fancy-ass brassiere-type thingy on that sticks 'em together and pushes them upwards, not unlike a period costume you'd find in a film made about the Restoration. Anyway. Peyton snickers, "So, explain to me how this fixes your karma?" Brooke answers, "It doesn't, but it's a total pick-me-up, don't you think?" I'm always so impressed by young girls who can use their bodies to their advantage at such a young age. I'm well out of high school and I'm still hiding behind baggy clothes and a bad haircut. She holds out a leopard print camisole and makes Peyton go try it on. As Peyton makes her way into the change room, Brooke says, "Now, the karma thing comes next. I figured out a master plan. If I can fix the damage that I've done to certain people's love lives, maybe the universe will kick in and fix mine." Peyton looks at her through the top see-through part of the curtain and says, "That's a pretty long list." Brooke says, "Yeah, and Nathan and Haley are at the top of it. I screwed them up royally last night." Peyton changes. "Double karma points if I can undo that." Peyton emerges from behind the curtain. The leopard print really doesn't go with her hair -- she looks like a bit of a cougar. Brooke says, "Fabulous! Not everybody can pull off the skeezy in the jungle vibe. Now, I can fix you up too!" Peyton rolls her eyes. She says, "No thanks. I'm done with the drama of dating. I just want to have some fun." Brooke puts her hands on her hips and says, "Then you'll be happy to know I got us invited to a party at Duke tonight." Peyton walks forward: "So much for changing your ways." Brooke turns back to the mirror and admires her, ahem, cleavage. "What? You want to have fun and I promise to indulge in boys, not booze." She looks over at Peyton: "And now we have something to wear." Peyton grabs her almost nonexistent chest and giggles.

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