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Nathan and Haley are knee-deep in dinner. She's ordered him macaroni and cheese. Aw. That's cute. Nathan teases, "Couldn't your favourite have been lobster or something?" Haley tells him that mac and cheese is the food of the gods. Nathan retorts, "Yeah, if the gods are five-year-olds." Nathan asks if she's ready for the next envelope. Haley tells him to proceed. Nathan reads, "Reveal a secret that nobody else knows about." Haley: "Okay, when I was in second grade, I stole some candy." He's not buying it; he wants her to tell him something for real. She takes a deep breath and tells Nathan that she cheated on a geometry test last year. Nathan's shocked. Man, is it that cold that they have to eat with their jackets on? Haley explains how her mom was sick, that she had to take care of her and didn't have time to study. Nathan asks, "Did you get caught?" Haley replies, "No. But that's not the point, I knew what I had done and it didn't sit right with me." Nathan says, "So you started tutoring." Haley: "Yeah, I guess I thought it would be penance or something. But, turned out I really liked it." Nathan smiles: "I thought it was just to get to me." She laughs.

Haley starts to ask Nathan about his secret, but just then Dim comes along: "What's up, Nathan?" Nathan replies coolly, "What's up, guys?" Dim says, "What's this?" Nathan stutters, "You know Haley's my tutor, right?" Dim: "Looks more like a date to me?" And what would be wrong with that? If it was a date -- I mean, is Haley such a social pariah that Nathan's not allowed to have dinner with her? What's wrong with her? She's pretty, she's smart, and she's a hell of a lot more interesting than Dim. But Nathan succumbs to social pressures. He answers, "No, no, it's definitely not a date." Dim laughs, "Yeah, man, if that's your story." And suddenly, Haley transforms back into Molly Ringwald: "Are you that embarrassed to be seen with me?" And man, I'm going to have to brush up on my teen movies so I can bring the references into at least the '90s. Anyone have suggestions? "Are you embarrassed to go out with me?" Nathan tries to apologize. Haley asks, "Nathan? Why are you only nice to me when we're alone?" He doesn't have an answer, so she gets up and leaves: "You know, for a few hours there I was convinced you weren't a son of a bitch, but, hey, you fooled me again." Nathan swivels around in his chair and yells, "Haley, wait!" But he doesn't, like, get up or run after her or anything. Not much for the get-up-and-go in terms of keeping that relationship moving in the right direction, Nathan. And yet another night ends up with Haley crying.

Honey. Heh.

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