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Deb comes into the café as Karen's figuring stuff out on a pad of paper. She says, "Have I lost my dining privileges?" Karen turns around and says, "Why would you?" Deb: "Oh, because yesterday I popped off about how you should drop everything and go to Italy. I can be quite pushy." Karen admits that she was all set to go this morning, but she's been going over the numbers and there's no way she can close the café for six weeks while she's gone. Deb is so supportive: "Well, then don't. Hire me. I can take over." Karen doesn't quite believe what she's hearing. But Deb really is pushy: "Well, why not, I've got the time and the management experience, if that's all that's keeping you from going?" Karen says honestly, "Deb, be serious. I have two things in my life, Lucas and this café." Deb insists she can help: "I know that, and because of that, you know I'd take it seriously. You can walk me through the big stuff today, and Haley can help me with the rest." Karen wavers for a moment, and then she says that she just can't. However, Deb's not taking no for an answer: "Karen. I'd like to believe we're friends, and I know that's happened quickly, but it has, and it means a lot to me. So, I'm going to say this and deny it if it ever gets out. There are things in my life I would change if I could and running from opportunity is one of them." Blah go to Italy, blah your life is now, blah take the bull by the horns, blah let me help you go, blah Oprah inspiration blah. Karen nods and says quietly, "Okay. Okay."

Sunday afternoon at Riverside Courts. The pick-up game has started up again. The boys are mid-trash talk when Skills grabs the ball and nods his head toward an approaching Brooke. Lucas turns around as he says, "She ain't come to watch me play, dog." Brooke smiles at Luke, and then sits down on the picnic table beside Malcolm. She asks, "What's your name again?" He smiles and then replies, "Mouth." Brooke grins back at him: "Really? That was my nickname at summer camp." Mouth's mouth drops almost to the picnic table. Hmm, I wonder what he's thinking? She laughs: "Because I slept with my mouth open." He laughs, "Right, of course." She says, "You know, you're kind of cute. Do you have a girlfriend?" He shakes his head. She says, "I've got a real knack for hooking people up." Luke just stands there and smiles at her -- again surprised at the depth of Brooke. And after last week, I think we're all pleasantly surprised at the many levels to Brooke's personality, and really glad she didn't turn out to be a one-note plunker like Dadzilla.

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