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Dadzilla comes into the kitchen, takes a deep breath, and says, "What smells so good?" Deb answers casually, "Oh, I got take-out from Karen." And there goes his face; it hits the floor faster than you can say, "Life-crushing changes ahead!" He notices Deb's got papers spread out all over the place, so he asks, "What's all this?" Deb answers, "I'm going to back to work for a while." Dan doesn't even pretend to hide his enthusiasm: "Oh, Deb, that's great -- the Foundation must be thrilled." She steps toward the counter, picks up a bottle of wine, and pours a glass. "No, not with the Foundation. I'm going to run the café for Karen while she's at cooking school in Italy. Keith is moving in with Lucas while she's away." Deb notices her husband staring off into space and asks him what he's doing. Dan snaps, "I'm looking for the hidden cameras, because you cannot be serious." She tries to hand Dan the glass of wine, but he won't take it: "I am serious. Karen has had enough taken away from her and if I can give just one tiny bit back --" He snits, "And you did all of this without discussing it with me first?" Deb bites back: "The way you discussed all those decisions you made about Nathan with me?" Dan says snidely, "Payback's an ugly emotion, Deb." Um, hate to break it to you, Dan, but payback, yeah, not so much an emotion as an action, buddy. ["Also, it looks good on you, ass." -- Sars] She doesn't say anything. She just takes the glass of wine she offered up to her husband and leaves the room. It's the smartest thing she's done concerning Dadzilla so far this season.

Heh. Keith struggles to get Karen's luggage out the door. It's all a ruse to hide her incredibly pregnant belly. She asks Luke if he's sure he's okay with Deb taking over the café. Luke enthuses, "Yeah! If it means you get to go!" They embrace. It's teary. It's a damn good thing I've had a cold these past few days so the Kleenex is handy. Blah they love each other blah. Keith asks if she's ready to go -- then he gives her a small present, 10,000 lira, all that's left of his backpacking trip through Europe. Aw, it's the thought that counts, right? They look at the house for a bit. He says, "Don't worry. It'll all be here waiting for you when you get back." She smiles, he takes her bag, and they get into the car.

Haley's showing Deb the ropes as Keith and Karen drive by, honking and waving. Deb smiles fondly as she waves back, and I can't help but think that she's doing a really selfless thing -- perhaps motivated by her own guilt about how well her life turned out with Dan, in terms of its relative ease, but also by the fact that she wants to give something back to Karen, that she recognizes how hard it must have been for her over the past fifteen years. And, you know, I can really respect that -- it makes Deb a wholly good person in my books.

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