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Haley comes into the hallway at school and sees Nathan. But before he can walk up to her, Dim comes along and ruins everything as per usual. Yet, it's different this time, because Nathan brushes them off and runs toward Haley. He stops in front of her, smiles, and then gently brushes back a piece of her hair with his hand.

Keith hands Karen her bag at the airport. He tells her not to forget to call them when she lands. She says, "You remember what you said the other night, that I had good instincts and that I should trust them." Yeah. "You were right." And then, she kisses him! It's been a veritable kissing frenzy in this episode. Hello Keith! Hello Karen! Kissy-kissy smoochy-smoochy, and there goes fifteen years of pent-up sexual tension in one ten-second moment before she goes away for six weeks. Way to make a guy wait! Anyway, Karen walks away, leaving Keith standing there watching her; he brushes his fingers over his lips like he can barely believe what just happened.

Luke runs into Peyton at school. She says a very shy hello and then throws her arms around him. She doesn't explain her actions much past "I owe you," and then she walks away. Brooke catches up with her, grabs her arm, and Luke watches both of them as they walk away, each carrying a piece of his heart -- oh, who will Saint Luke choose? I can't wait to find out.

Next week on OTH: Dan has the audacity to tell his son that he's not tough enough on the inside. This pressure leads Nathan to pop some pills in order to improve his game. Damn you, Dadzilla -- what the hell is wrong with you? I'm guessing Deb finds out, because she tells her husband that she wants him out of the house, and he just stands there looking confused.

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