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Okay, I know Karen's an independent single mom, but enough is enough -- she's always fixing something, investigating plumbing, carrying groceries or laundry. Can she never just sit down and not be super-woman for one bloody scene? Good grief. So now, Karen lugs a rectangular box into the front of the café. Keith comes in and leans on the counter: "What's with the boxes?" Karen leans on them, forcing her unborn child into a heck of an uncomfortable position: "Bookshelves. They were supposed to come assembled." Um, yeah, like any bookshelf comes assembled -- that wouldn't make sense, like they wouldn't get damaged during the shipping or anything if they were already put together. Keith flirts, "You going to put them together all by yourself?" Hell, yeah, you're telling me she can fix an outside water pipe but she can't screw some shelves into one another? What-freaking-ever. She replies, "Actually, I was going to offer you dinner to help me." He smiles, "Sold!" She says, "I'll be closing the café around seven. So it's a date?" He verifies that yes, it's a date, and then he ambles out of the café, swinging his arms and acting all carefree. Ah, young love. Yawn.

Haley comes into the front of the café and sees Brooke standing there. She snaps, "We're closed." Brooke looks around, sees all the people, and says, "Oh, I get it, closed to me." Haley pours salt into the shaker on the table. Brooke continues, "I don't blame you, I'd be a bitch to me too after last night." Haley keeps on working. She doesn't say anything but "knock yourself out" to Brooke, who replies, "You're feisty. I see what Nathan likes about you." Which I'm imagining is a compliment coming from her. Haley keeps pouring the salt into just about every receptacle she can find for it, anything to keep her from actually having to talk to Brooke. But surprisingly, Brooke has found that eating crow really isn't all that hard once you set your mind to it: "Look, you're blaming Nathan for something that I did and that's not fair. I was drunk and I was pissed and I found the note, and you know the rest." Haley pours more salt. I'll bet it's a magic trick and there's a container built into the table that the salt's really going into. Brooke keeps on talking: "I want to make it up to you." Haley snaps, "By going away?" Brooke smiles: "By hooking you and Nathan up tonight. What's your idea of a perfect date?" Thankfully, Haley's moved on to the pepper. She says, "Watching you get hit by a bus." Heh. Brooke takes it in stride: "And that sense of humour! Nathan's really lucky. He'll be here at seven. Have fun." With that, she leaves, feeling comfortable that her karma-building exercise has appeased the gods of love. Wait! Is that Venus up there? Sitting with Cupid? Are they smiling? No, wait, I think they just have gas. Yawn. And yes, before you write me irate messages about how I've got my gods of karma mixed up with mythology, please note that was a poor attempt at sarcasm. Carry on.

Oh. My. Gosh. Call someone. Karen is carrying a bag of groceries. Quick! Doesn't she need any help? And what time is it anyhow? I thought she was meeting Keith at seven, and it looks like it's dark outside already. Anyway. Luke is listening to Marco from the Culinary Institute, who's left a message on the answering machine. It's still playing when his mom comes in the door. He asks, "Is that that school you've been talking about forever?" Karen stops the message and tells him that it's not a big deal because she's not going to go. Luke hops up and says, "It is a big deal, Mom! Come on, it's a huge deal." Karen starts unpacking the groceries and says, "Well, maybe I'll just go some other time." Luke: "No, Mom, now's the time. Come on, you put your whole life on hold for me." Man, how'd he get so sensitive? He's such a momma's boy. "Every choice you've made, it's been about me." Karen keeps unpacking the groceries, and if he's so intent on making his mother happy, why the heck doesn't he help her? She says, "That's the way it's supposed to be, I'm your mother." He says, "And I want you to have this -- it's time for you to do something for yourself." She tells him that she'll think about it. Luke comes back with a little don't-think-about-it-just-do-it-inspired advice. Then he walks away. Never helping with any of the groceries. What's up with that?

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