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Back at Karen's Café, seems it takes about a million years to put together two bloody bookshelves. Karen asks, "What's on your mind, Keith?" Is it that obvious? "You seem a little preoccupied." He says, "Last night after Dan's party, I realized something. I'm tired of settling. I've developed a bad habit somehow of just letting things happen to me, instead of going after what I want." Karen fiddles with something. She agrees, and then adds, "I feel like I'm too old to take risks." Keith: "But we're not, why can't be still be as fearless as when we were kids?" Karen looks at him thoughtfully: "Because we have mortgages and businesses and more responsibility then we ever dreamed of back then." He walks toward her, blah take a chance blah. He stands within spitting distance: "Find something we want and go for it." She asks, "Like what?" A buzzer goes off just as he's about to kiss her. She says, "Oh! That's the bread. Hold that thought." And then there goes his chance, right out the window -- you can see Keith's head sag just thinking about it.

A ball swooshes through the metal net as Mouth says, "And Scott is back with a vengeance, showing the locals how it's done!" A cell phone rings. Skills stops and mocks for a minute: "What? You got a cell phone too, dog? Things sure have changed, man." Luke says, "Hello?" Cut to Brooke pacing the steps outside the residence. She says quickly, "Lucas? Peyton's in trouble. Somebody drugged her drink and I can't wake her up." Cut back to Luke, who says, "Brooke, slow down. Where are you?" Cut back to Brooke, who answers, "On the steps of Chapman Hall, I think?" Luke: "Call the campus police." Brooke: "I can't! She's been drinking." Luke: "Okay, I'll be right there."

Lucas turns to his friends and says, "I've got to go, guys." They hold up their hands in disbelief as Luke races off in his ten-ton tow truck to save Peyton from the hands of the evil Gabe.

Deb sets the table for what I'm only assuming must be an incredibly late dinner. Dadzilla comes into the kitchen and asks, "Nathan joining us?" Deb replies, "He's gone out with Haley." Dan says, "His tutor? Must be a mercy thing." Is this guy for real? Is he twelve? Do adult men still say things like that? I mean, I can understand it in a locker room, but in front of your wife? Deb: "You did not just say that." Dan replies, "Come on, she's from Westover, her father works for the power company." Again, what's wrong with him? Dude sells cars for a living. Deb: "So, what are you saying, that she's somehow beneath him?" Dan replies, "Oh, don't be so dramatic. I'm just saying that he could do better." Deb says curtly, "Funny. That's what my parents used to say about you." Dan flashes his pearly whites: "And I proved them wrong." I'm surprised he's even going to cook that meat he's handling. I just assumed all lizards liked their meat raw and fresh. Deb responds, "Well, then maybe you should give Haley the chance to do the same."

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