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Haley and Nathan walk toward River Street. She says, "And number three?" Nathan replies, "Your loyalty, to Lucas. I mean, I'm not always wild about how it plays out, but it's cool." She smiles: "Okay, three things I like about you." Nathan jokes, "My good looks." She laughs: "I like how you let me in past all the bluster you give everybody else." Step. Step. "And, I like your smile when you solve a problem, and you're not horrible to look at." They stop in front of the same Victoria's Secret-inspired store Brooke and Peyton were earlier. Haley seems flabbergasted: "This is where we're going?" Nathan laughs: "Nice going, Brooke!"

Well, it seems Brooke is not really having that good of a time tonight. She sits on the steps with Peyton's head in her lap. The girl who first offered Brooke a drink comes running up to the pair of them: "Is your friend okay?" Brooke cries, "I don't know, she can't stay awake." The girl picks up Peyton's face by the forehead and opens one of her eyes with her thumb. She asks, "Do you know where you are?" Then she takes her pulse. It's like ER on the front steps. "Do you know your name?" Peyton mumbles, "Just dizzy." Luke rolls in on his white horse, or rather, his red truck, the obvious vehicle of all princes. He jumps out and races up the steps, yelling, "Brooke?" Brooke whines, "I'm sorry, I didn't know who else to call." He turns to the other girl and says, "Is she okay?" Because that girl would know how and why? From staring into Peyton's eyeballs for a second? Whatever. She answers, "She's not drunk. I think he gave her a sedative. We just have to know what it was." Luke looks perplexed. The girl explains, "I'm a med student." Brooke keeps on crying. Luke takes charge -- because he's the prince with the tow truck: "Brooke. I need you to show me what room she was in." Brooke nods tearfully. Luke asks Med Student to stay with Peyton, who collapses onto her lap. Aw, being stoned doesn't suit Peyton at all; her toaster hair's back.

Back inside the dorm, Brooke leads Lucas to the right room. He knocks politely. Then he screams, "Hey, open the door." Gabe tells him to piss off. Luke looks around and mocks, "Piss off?" He looks to some random guy standing there: "This your dorm?" The guy nods. Luke barks, "Go get your R.A." Then he kicks the door down. Yup, he lifts up his Nike-encrusted foot and jams that door wide open with one kick. Gabe jumps up and shouts, "Hey! Man!" Brooke tells Luke that's the guy. Luke races in, grabs Gabe, and pounds him against the wall. "What did you put into her drink?" Gabe mutters, "I didn't put anything in her drink." Luke says menacingly, "You can tell me or you can tell the police." Gabe's music blasts away in the background. He shakes his head: "It was nothing, man, one roofie." Luke doesn't like that answer. He wants to know where he keeps the drugs. Gabe's not giving up his stash. So, of course, Luke bashes him a good one in the face. Brooke has to look away. Hell, he couldn't have punched him all that hard, because dude's face isn't even bleeding. Luke lets him go for a second, so Gabe can change his answer. He bounds over and grabs the roofies from Gabe's secret stash, shakes his head for a minute. Then he walks back and punches him again. The crowd goes, "Whoa!" Luke grabs Gabe and says, "You'd better hope to God she's all right." Then he races out of the room, just like the Knight in Shining Sweatpants he truly is -- yawn. The whole Saint Lucas thing is getting a bit tired.

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