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Nikki gets back to the car with a paper bag full of baby stuff for Jenny. She's all excited. She says to Jake, "I got the cutest little stuffed animal." She hands it to him. He takes it, and then just reams into Nikki: "She has a purple monkey that she can't sleep without. Everything else she ignores." He tosses the horse onto the hood and continues through the rest of the bag: "You got the wrong formula. She needs the special kind because she wasn't breast-fed." And it too is tossed aside. "Oh, the alcohol in these wipes is bad for her skin." Slam! "I buy her special vitamins because she was a little underweight at her six-month check up." Whack. "Ha! She doesn't read." Toss. "She sure as hell doesn't smoke." He pulls the last thing out of the bag and says, "Ho! At least you got the most expensive kind of ice cream." Nikki says something for the first time in her own defence: "I got that for you. Because on our third date because all you said for life to be good was a pint of this ice cream." Okay, what boy philosophizes over ice cream? Honestly. Come forward if you do, because I've never met one. Doritos, maybe. Coke, perhaps, but ice cream? Come on, get serious. Nikki's crazy misshapen eyes well up with tears as she continues, "I want your life to be good, Jake. I want to be with that boy who told me those things. Where did he go?" Jake pushes her off of him again as he says, "You left him." Anger pause. "Dammit, Nikki, it's not fair for you to come back here and do this. It's not fair to me and it's not fair to Jenny." She says a teary "I still love you, you know." Jake quiets down for a minute as he says, "That's funny. I can't tell you how many times I spent wondering when I was going to hear you say that again." Emotion pause. "Just hoping that the next time the phone rang that it would be you calling to say those words." Jake! "Now that you're here, I can't even remember why I needed to hear them." The anger pause sneaks up again. "You should recognize this next move, Nikki, you perfected it; it's called turning my back and leaving you behind." And with that, with all the junk on the trunk, Jake turns his back, gets into the car, and leaves her behind. Oh, boo-hoo, Nikki -- you abandoned your baby's father and your baby, what did you expect? That he would welcome you back with freaking open arms? As if, and plus, Jake's too good for you. Ha!

A covert Larry and Karen head out onto the football field with two flashlights, a shovel, and a six-pack. Heh. Seems like a perfect date to me. He giggles. Karen says, "I don't know about this, Larry, we're trespassing." He counters with, "No we're not, our taxes paid for this place." She points out the fact that they're vandals and thieves. He says logically, "We move some dirt on a field that we paid for, get property that belonged to you, then put the dirt back. What could they charge us for?" Now it's Karen's turn to laugh: "Immaturity." He sticks his shovel in the field, grabs the beer, and says pointedly, "There's a difference between growing up and growing old, Karen." She grabs the shovel and sticks it hard into the ground. Oh, is the ground wet, by any chance?

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