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The Fabulous Life Of...

Mouth and Brooke are at a dance club now. They're kicking it. Mouth's moving and grooving. Shakin' that ass. Watchin' himself. Shakin' that ass. He twirls his shirt above his head. He tells Brooke that he can't believe she does "this" every night. And that she lives the "greatest" life. Brooke sees a potential non-waste of her bikini wax standing by the bar. She heads over there after she gives and receives the "look." Bohunk #1 says, "You look hot tonight." Brooke smooches him. And then says, "So, what's your name?" Bohunk says, "You don't remember the last time we did this? Well, you were pretty wasted." And…The Fabulous Life Of…Brooke comes to a crashing halt. Bohunk continues, "Your name's Brooke, right?" They both look around at the various couples making out and drinking. He takes this as his cue; Brooke feels the walls closing in on her. Bohunk doesn't even notice: "So, Brooke, are we going to do this again, or what?" The music pulsates, and she just walks away looking like she's seen a ghost. Mouth notices right away, because he's the nice guy, remember. He asks, "Are you okay?" Brooke looks shell-shocked as she says, "I have to go home."

They are very quiet in the car ride home. Mouth asks patiently if something happened. She starts to cry and nods her head. Mouth moves closer, and sort of half embraces her to provide some comfort. Man, being Brooke right now must be really lonely. She says sadly, "How long have you known Lucas?" He says, "Since fourth grade, I transferred in." She whisper-cries, "You think he's a good guy?" Mouth replies, "I think he's a great guy." Pause. "Why?" She says, "Remember when I told you what girls want?" Mouth nods. She continues, "Girls just want someone to want them back." The tears flow. "At least I do." She leans on Mouth's shoulder and really lets it all come out.

Okay, Karen's totally plastered. She's on the field, while Larry's digging, doing old cheers. Ahem: "If you really wanna score you've got to dig a little more, I said, go, go Ravens go!" He laughs, because this fertile ground seems totally wet. "Oh!" he shouts. "We got treasure." They grab the chest and open it up. The first thing that Karen takes out is a Bon Jovi t-shirt from their Slippery When Wet tour. Of course, Larry says he saw that show, and that the Scorpions opened up for them. Larry finds a Ziploc bag full of old photos, and there's one of her and Dan. But wait, who's lurking around in the back but Keith? And ew. He just looks creepy there hanging out in the background. Larry says, "Check out the hair." Karen says, "Oh, I don't think I ever noticed Keith in the picture before." Larry says, "Well, the kid in the background is definitely in love with the girl in the foreground." And if that shovel could hop up and put me out of my misery now, I'd truly appreciate it. Hell, I'd prefer to be the Bride in Kill Bill Volume 2. Of course, Whitey and Keith find Karen and Larry. Of course, Karen stutters about what they're doing there. Of course, Keith struts off in a huff because Karen's with another man. Boo bloody freaking hoo. Karen watches wistfully as Keith storms away. Why should she be held hostage by his emotional blackmail? He has no right to be mad at her. They're not involved. They're not together. And he's never told her how he feels. He needs to grow up, plain and simple.

Peyton's borrowed some of Nathan's sweats and is towelling her hair in the bathroom. She says, "It's nearly midnight. Looks like our date's nearly over." Nate sits on his bed and plays with a basketball. He says, "I think I was hitting on you in the pool." Peyton says sarcastically, "You think you were?" He replies, "I don't know anymore. This whole good guy thing is new to me. I guess I'll always have feelings for you, Peyton." Emotional pause. "But I owe it to Haley to be a better guy than I've been. And I just don't want to be the kind of guy that cheats on her." Peyton says quietly, "Then don't be." She tells him that she's proud of him, "you know standing up to your dad and being a good guy for Haley." She smiles: "You're turning into the kind of guy I always knew you could be."

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