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Haley and Lucas climb up the stairs to Nate's apartment. Luke's surprised that he's living on his own. They're almost there when Haley realizes she forgot some CDs she had for him in the car. She says, "It's apartment eleven, why don't you just go on in." Her hair's very curly. It looks cute. She continues, "Hey, ask him if he's in love with me, and if he says no break up with him for me please." Luke laughs and says, "Okay." Luke tries to leave, but Haley grabs him for a second: "Seriously, say something nice, okay? He really is a different person." Luke nods and heads toward the apartment as Haley heads down the stairs.

Peyton and Nathan come out into the front room. She says that she had better get going. Nate says sweetly that by "rule" he owes her a "kiss." Peyton laughs and says she guesses so. Of course, Lucas comes to the window at that very moment and makes all kinds of assumptions. Well, let's take stock of what he sees. Peyton wearing Nathan's clothes. Peyton with wet hair. Nathan in an undershirt and sweatpants. And a kiss. It's not a peck on the cheek, but it's a sweet, "here's to the end of our relationship" kiss -- but it's easily misinterpreted. Like much of tonight's date night. So, Luke sees the kiss and jumps back against the wall so he isn't seen. On the whole, though, he would have been smarter to knock on the door and say something instead of skulking away and not finding out the whole story.

After the break, Luke meets Haley at the car and tells her that there wasn't anyone home. Haley pulls out her phone and tries to call Nathan. She gets voicemail. She jokes, "I guess they're not done yet. I told you Peyton was easy." Luke opens the door for her and gives a passable fake laugh. He'll take her home. Only his face betrays what he really thinks, that Nathan's a lying, cheating bastard. Only it's not the truth, and so much of this bloody show's problems rest on these silly contrived situations where no one tells the truth. Didn't Luke's life just fall apart because he didn't tell the truth? Doesn't he know better? Now he's trying to protect Haley, just as he was trying to protect Brooke -- and we all know how that turned out, right?

Brooke takes Mouth home. He says, "I guess I should have told my parents I was going to be out late." My guess is that he's locked out of the house. He continues, "I'm not sure this was such a good idea." She tells him he needs to live a little. Mouth says that it's not that, it's that a night with Brooke is like "flying first class" and he's going to have trouble going back to his life in coach. He says, "It's going to be hard going back to it." Brooke says wistfully that her life isn't all it's cracked up to be. Mouth doesn't know what's going on with her and Lucas, but he does know Luke is a really good guy. Mouth continues, "I've never been very good at sports, I mean, I'm little, you know?" Pause. "But when I decided I wanted to be a sports announcer, Lucas introduced me to the guys at the River Court, and he made me feel like I belonged." Brooke's eyes are all watery. Mouth continues, "He has a good heart, and as far as I can tell, you do too. I'll be really surprised if you two couldn't work things out." Brooke whisper-cries, "Thank you." Mouth smiles and tells her he should be getting home. He jokes, "That stripper might booty call me." Mouth tries to walk away, but Brooke calls him back and then plants one on him: a little mouth-to-Mouth. He says bashfully, "Oh, right, for the charity thing." Brooke smiles and says, "No, just 'cause." Mouth says, "Hey Brooke, thanks! This was the greatest night of my life." Brooke pulls up her boots and gets back into the limo with a heavy heart and a much emptier wallet.

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