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Luke drops Haley off at home. She undoes her seat belt and jokes, "Well, did you have fun tonight, slave boy? Thanks for playing along." Luke's serious, though, because he is always serious. This boy lost his sense of humour in the first episode and he has yet to find it. I hope he does find it soon, because enough of brooding, unhappy Luke. Let's get back to the reason why these girls found him attractive in the first place. Sigh. Luke's not going to be anything other than serious now, though. He says, "Look, Haley, I know we've grown apart a bit lately, and I know we have a lot ahead of us. I just want you to know that I'll always be there for you." And here we go sharing things again. Why does date night always end up with people pouring their hearts out to one another? I know we had enough of everyone getting it on, but I'm thinking this moping around being overly honest, unbearably truthful, and ridiculously contrived isn't much better. He continues, "If Nathan doesn't see how special you really are, then he's an idiot, because I think you're amazing." She says, "Thanks Luke." But just as she's about to exit the car, Haley reminds him about the "technical good night kiss." Luke says, "Oh, yeah, rules are rules." They lean into one another, and the Ghost of Things to Come swirls around my head, booing and hooing about how Haley and Lucas are meant to be together. Haley stops just short of Luke's lips and says quickly, "Here's the thing, though, if your tongue comes anywhere near my mouth I'm just never speaking to you again." Luke laughs. He actually chuckles and then gives her a very friendly peck. They embrace. Just before she leaves, he says, "Haley, you're going to be okay, I promise you that." Haley gets out of the car and leaves Luke behind squinting his eyes together, pursing his lips, and brooding. Oh. Wait. I keep forgetting that that's CMM acting. What's he pondering? How he's going to "get" Nathan now that he thinks he cheated on Haley? How could Peyton do that to both him and Haley? Again, all of this could have been cleared up had Luke just talked to them both. And now how many episodes of angry Luke are we going to have to endure before it all is straightened out? Honestly?

Nikki stands on Jake's porch as a lap steel guitar twangs in the background. It's The Music of Regret This Date Night. Jake comes to the door, but once he sees it's Nikki, he tries to close it, saying, "Nikki, don't do this." She stops him with a "Jake! Please!" Her head's tilted to one side, and it makes her face look even more lopsided. She continues, "Keeping Jenny away from me because I hurt you is wrong." She looks past him into the house, searching for her daughter. Jake looks behind him and walks out onto the porch, shutting the door. It's a metaphorical thing, yawn. Nikki begs, "Can't you just forgive me?" He says, "It was a Wednesday." What was? "The day I realized you weren't coming back." Emotional pause. "I loved you, you knew I loved you. I would have done anything for you, but you betrayed me. It was that same Wednesday I stopped loving you." Angry pause. "And I promised myself that my daughter would never feel the pain that you caused me." He turns to go back inside, but before then, he administers the final Nikki smackdown: "Do you want to hear me say it? Fine. You broke my heart, Nikki, but you will never break my daughter's heart because you will never, ever have the chance to." Oh boy. Now things are getting ugly. Nikki threatens, "I'm going to be in her life, Jake, with you or without you." Now that's just wicked; more teenagers in court. Isn't that just what this show needs? Another few weeks of angst-infused storylines including Nikki trying to get her daughter back. Yeah, that'll ensure the romance between Peyton and Jake really gets hopping. This show is so silly.

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