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Karen and Larry come into the house through the kitchen door. How many doors are there to Karen's place? Luke's got one in his room, there's one in the kitchen, and we all know there's a front door. How strange. Anyway. Karen smiles and asks if he wants some coffee. Larry politely declines because it's getting late. She tells him that she had a good time, that she didn't do much of "this" in high school. Larry smiles and says, "Maybe next time we can do something less juvenile." Karen laughs: "Oh, well, if we have to." He looks at her. She looks at him. She looks away. He says, "I know you have some history with Keith, and I hope I didn't cause any problems tonight." Karen admits, "No." Larry tells her that he likes her, "for what it's worth." She tells him that she likes him too, but he's right, she and Keith have history. But, she says, "I'm just not sure we have a future." He nods, and then gives her a quick, relatively passionate kiss that seems to take Karen aback. Yet she doesn't even have time to bask in the after-date glow, because her doorbell rings. Yes, the front door. And it's ole Hound Dog at the door. Karen's surprised to see Keith. He says, "It's not too late, is it?" She asks him if everything's okay, and he's says not really: "These last few weeks have been the hardest of my life. Being without you and Lucas, on the outside of your lives, I felt like a shadow of someone I used to be." Karen looks up at him and feels her past crashing into her future crashing into her right now. "I know I let you down and I put Lucas at risk, but you have to know that I love Lucas and I've been carrying this around with me since the night of the accident." He pulls out the ring and opens it up. "I love you, Karen." She looks at the ring. "I always have. Marry me." She doesn't say anything; she just looks up at him with her saucer eyes and wonders how this plays into the not really having a future with Keith and the smoochy-smooch she just participated in with Larry Sawyer.

Luke contemplates the hoop down at the River Courts. So we know it's after midnight. Do none of these kids have a curfew? Anyway, a tearful Brooke approaches Luke, saying that she needs to talk to him. He says quietly, "Okay." She launches right into it: "I spent the entire night trying to avoid this or ignore it, but I can't so I've just got to say it." Brooke, what's up? She says, "I think I'm pregnant." And I know we've said it loud, we've said it on the forums, we've said it to each other, and we've screamed it on the mountain tops, but does no one in Tree Hill know how to effectively use birth control? And why is pregnancy the issue du jour for every single person on this damn show? Can we not get through a season without someone having a kid they don't want? How many public service announcements for the dangers and troubles of unplanned pregnancy can we honestly take? It's just way, way too over the top. Enough with the drama already, it's overwhelmingly idiotic. Shall I tell you how I really feel?

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