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Brooke holds onto Mouth for dear life. His sign says, "Mouth Boy." She walks around trying to give fifty bucks to trade him with someone who really wants him. Poor Mouth, he looks a bit seasick about it all. Deb walks up to Dim and jokes, "Well, Timmy, looks like you're all mine tonight." She smiles as she continues, "How about you grab a change of clothes and meet me at the house." Now who's the one shell-shocked? Dim stutters, "Change of clothes?" Deb replies, "Well, you'll probably want a change of clothes when I get through with you. I, ah, plan on getting dirty." And of course, Dim thinks he's hit the jackpot with Deb. He grins from under his man bangs and can't help but think he's the luckiest son of a bitch on earth. Oh, Dim, you dirty, dirty dog. Jake looks around to see if he can find the girl who bought him. Nikki walks up to him and says, "Well, well, Jake, once again, looks like I own you." Well, that obviously doesn't sit well with him, because the next shot shows him storming out of the high school saying, "Forget it, Nikki, I'm not falling for your crap." Wicked Nikki with the lopsided eyes follows him outside and begs, "At least talk to me?" Jake whips around and says sharply, "About what? Where you've been for the last eight months or how my daughter doesn't have a mother?" She replies, "I understand you're upset. There are things you don't know, please. Jake --" He tries to walk away; she grabs his arm and continues, "I don't want to mess with your head. At least hear me out." He stands sideways with his shoulder to her. "After that you can ditch me if you want." He whips around and says, "What, like you did me?" And all those skeletons Jake had in that deep, dark closet of his have scattered all over the front lawn of Tree Hill High. Poor Jake; he would have had far more fun with a wooden Pinocchio-Peyton than a poor excuse for a teenage mother.

Mouth leaps out of the oversized limo and stands on the doorway. That car is ridiculous. Who needs a car that big? He's ecstatic. He grins as he asks Brooke where they're going first. Brooke cocks her head to the side and says, "Here's the thing, Lips." Mouth corrects her, again. It's become their repartee: she calls him Lips; he says his name is Mouth. Brooke continues, "I know I owe you for the whole cheerleading competition, but I had this whole night kind of perfectly planned out, and it's a waste of a Brazilian wax." Well, way to make a guy feel like less than a man. Mouth takes it well, though. He says, "Okay, that's cool, I can take off." My guess is that he doesn't really know what a Brazilian wax really is, so it's not bothering him all that much. Mouth climbs through the car and says honourably, "At least let me give you some of your money back." Brooke refuses, also honourably. He tries to give it to her again and explains that he just thought the car was cool. But when Mouth tries to take off, Brooke grimaces as she changes her mind: "Wait! Fine. I'll take you to one place." Really? "What the hell, it's for charity, right?" And we all get the double-entendre, Brooke. She says, "With the night I have planned I may need you to carry me home anyway." Mouth laughs, says "sweet," slaps hands with the driver, and jumps back into the oversized limo. Brooke makes a funny face, rolls her eyes at said driver, and follows him inside.

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