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Larry takes a hefty sip of his red wine as Karen thanks him for a great dinner. He smiles: "Thanks! Single parent cooking class." Looks like Larry's been around this block before; he's got some smooth moves, and one hell of a toothy grin. He says, "I'm glad you decided to come. Was it too painful?" Karen admits it wasn't painful at all. "But you don't date much?" Karen taps her hands on the table and explains that she doesn't date at all: "At night I work or I'm at home with Lucas, sometimes with Keith." Larry says Keith seems like a good man. Karen clears her throat and corrects herself by saying, "He is; he's a good friend." And somewhere in Tree Hill, the other half of Keith's hopeful heart comes crashing back to Earth. "Damn you, unrequited love!" he screams to the heavens. "How could you do it to me again!" The rest of the world hears the echo of his cries and yawns so hard that our jaws break in one collective crack. Because Keith's been beaten down so many times, we don't even care if he gets up again. Larry smiles at Karen's insistence that she and Keith are just friends. Now he's the one with the hopeful heart. Karen surveys the table to avoid any more of this awkward conversation and starts to make a move to clear away the dishes. "Oh no," he says, "absolutely not. You're off duty tonight. The only dish you're allowed to touch is your wine glass. Tour the house. Make a long distance phone call." She picks up her glass and swirls the wine around. Then she jokes, "Well, I do have some friends in Florence. Maybe I should give them a call." Larry's eyes twinkle: "Oh no." Karen giggles, and proceeds to drink her wine. Yup, someone's getting drunk and in trouble tonight! Yee-haw! If anyone needs a good time, it's surely Karen.

So, Luke and Haley are on top of the café. They're walking around their mini-golf course. There are water balloons all over the roof. Blah, it's a good idea, blah Haley knows blah. He asks if she filled any of the balloons with milk like they used to, and of course she did. Because she's "amazing" and on the way to becoming the "it" girl for all the boys. Wait, is Jake in love with her yet? You know he's next on the list. Haley shouts, "I can't do this stuff with Nathan. It just seems, I don't know, does it seem childish?" From the other end of the roof, Luke yells, "Well, yeah, but in a good way." Haley laughs. Then she asks Luke about his "situation." Luke asks with what, and Haley replies, "With Peyton, or Brooke, or the bar slut I heard about." Has it been that long since they've had a conversation? Truly? Luke screams back, "Okay, what did you hear and who did you hear it from?" Oh, people. He walks towards her and explains, "I just want to play ball again. You know, get over this damn drama. It wasn't long ago that I was playing ball with the guys and hanging out with you." Haley puts on a strange faux-British accent and replies, "Yes, life was much simpler, wasn't it?" I don't understand why they're screaming from across the rooftop, nor why they're about to have a water balloon fight when they're both wearing winter coats. But whatever, it's date night, so everyone's off on prototypical American teenager dates. And of course, many are feeling awkward and strange because so much has happened in the last few months that I'm surprised they all haven't sprung full heads of grey hair. Haley says, "I think I'm going to go call Nathan." But wait! Luke's having none of that, because he tosses a water balloon that nails her right in the back. She spins around and screams, "Oh, oh, oh! You are so dead." Luke says, "I guess that one was a milk balloon." And let the games begin. The pair start tossing and, well, it'll only be moment before they both end up, ahem, wet.

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