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Brooke and Mouth have ended up at some dance/strip bar. A half-naked girl bumps and grinds in a cage above Mouth's head. Brooke smiles: "I think she likes you!" Okay, no offence to Mouth or anything, but the kid looks like he's about twelve. There's no way any self-respecting bouncer would let him in anywhere that there were a) naked girls and b) alcohol being served. And there's no way that Brooke would have had time to get Mouth a fake ID like she did with Lucas, so it's a mystery how this night is progressing so well. He says, "So, thanks for bringing me out night. I've never been to a real club before." Brooke tells him that she's glad she brought him. Yeah? Yeah. Her hair's down now, and out of its ponytail. Brooke: "I enjoy corrupting America's youth; it's kind of one of my hobbies." Mouth says, "So was Lucas one of your test subjects?" Her face turns to stone at the mention of his name. She says coldly, "Can we not go there tonight." Mouth apologizes. Then he giggles. "That girl's practically naked up there." Brooke laughs and asks, "What? You don't like naked girls?" And finally, there's a character on this show actually acting his age; Mouth says, "Well, I've never actually seen one up close but from what I've found online, I'm thinkin' they're okay!" Heh. Mouth's a closet internet perv. Brooke stands up and gives him a look. What? She holds out her hand and asks coyly, "Want to find out for sure?" He's so game! He slaps his hand down on hers and gets up as Brooke says, "Let's do some damage."

Larry finds Karen looking through Peyton's artwork. She pauses on the one of Lucas, Peyton, and Brooke all shooting at his number, which is in a heart on fire. Larry says, "Kind of severe, huh?" Karen replies, "Kind of familiar actually." Pause. "You know when I was a cheerleader we buried a time capsule mid-field of the football stadium. I'll bet if you dug it up you'd find a faded version of the same thing our kids are going through now." Damn. There go those sparkles again. Larry says, "I've got a couple of shovels. Do you want to go find out?" Karen smiles and says, "Yeah!" And date night continues.

Nathan shows Peyton around the apartment complex. She thinks it's cool that he's got a pool. Does she want to go for a swim? Um, no, Peyton says that Nathan's the Boy Toy and he's supposed to do what she says tonight. Nathan chuckles, "Oh, just like old times." Peyton: "Please, you did whatever you wanted, and most of the time it was either sucky or mean." Nathan: "I know, but you let me." Peyton: "Well, maybe I kept thinking you'd change." Peyton asks, "Is this thing heated?" He tells her to check it out. So, Peyton bends over and tests the water, which of course leads to Nathan grabbing her around the waist and dragging her into the water with him. Oh, date night -- all over Tree Hill people are getting wet. Peyton screams. They come up to the surface. She screams, "Oh my god!" Nathan wipes the water from his eyes and laughs as he says that he slipped. Peyton screams, "What?" Nathan repeats, "I slipped!" Pause. "At least it's heated." And they're off wrestling in the swimming pool, both very, very wet.

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