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Meanwhile, on top of Karen's Café, Luke's shoulder seems to be working just fine as he whips a balloon at Haley at full speed.

Peyton and Nathan continue their water fight.

Mouth's mouth waters as he gets a lap dance with Brooke sitting right beside him. Brooke says, "The real thing sure beats the internet, huh?" Mouth's mouth is completely agape as he says with deep sincerity, "The internet sucks." And I'm not going to take offence to that, even though I probably should. Sniff. The internet doesn't suck. It totally doesn't, okay? And there goes the bump and grind, and the bump of Mouth's particular grind on the stripper's leg, I'm sure.

Peyton and Nathan continue to frolic in the pool.

Haley and Lucas continue to throw water balloons at each other.

Meanwhile, Dim shows up at Deb's house. He walks into the front door calling out a cautious, "Hello!" Pause. "Deb?" Pause. "Miss Deborah?" From somewhere beyond Deb yells, "Come on in, Timmy, I'm in the bath." Tim's face opens up into a Cheshire grin. By the time Tim gets to the bathroom, he's totally disrobed except for a pair of zebra-striped panties that look like they once belonged to Steve-O. He sees Deb as she's pulling a clump of hair out of the drain in the bathtub and shrieks. Then Deb, noticing that he's decidedly without clothing, shrieks too. Dim attempts to cover himself, with one hand over his zebra print and the other over his chest. Deb screams again. Dim screams again. He races out of the bathroom. She races after him, calling, "Timmy! I'm so sorry, I don't know what gave you the impression that --" He grabs his pants and then tries to pull them on in a hurry, but like most things one tries to do quickly, he gets all tied up and stumbles more than he actually gets dressed. Tim's out of breath as he pulls up his pants, muttering, "Where's my shirt, where's my shirt." So, to help him, of course, Deb bends down to grab it, landing, of course, at zebra level. And Dan chooses just that moment to walk in unannounced. What does he see? Oh, only his estranged wife with her head right next to Tim's zebra. Oh boy. Dan looks in disgust at the situation for a moment and then he cackles like the cad he is saying, "Oh, the lawyers are going to love this." Then, he leaves as quickly as a tornado, doing just as much damage. Poor Deb -- she's all befuddled, her hair's a mess, and she didn't even get her chores done. Damn zebras! I guess their camouflage doesn't work as well in the urban setting.

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