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The Blame Game

Dan's got his bag in hand as he's about to leave the house. Deb just stares into space as she hears his heels on the hardwood as they walk out the door. Stay strong, sister, you've made the right decision!

Whitey comes out of the gym and closes the door. He's posted a sign that says, "Basketball Cancelled." He's underlined the "cancelled" for extra emphasis. In brackets it says, "Until further notice."

Back at Haley's, Nathan says, "Haley. I want to stay with you tonight." She smiles at him, and closes the door.

Peyton looks at Luke. Luke looks at Peyton as his voice-over says, "What a frightening thing is the human," then he turns back to Brooke, "a mass of gauges and dials and registers, but we can read only a few, and those perhaps not accurately." Who is he going to choose? My goodness, we just don't know!

And there are no next-weeks, because that's it for new episodes from now until after Christmas, probably. Can you handle the wait?

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