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The Blame Game

The shockingly more responsible (at this moment in time) Scott brother paces around in Haley's bedroom. I mean, he might be jacked up on speed, but at least he's studying instead of going out to a bar to drink and shoot pool. Oh, who am I kidding -- both Scott brothers seem to be on strange paths during this episode. Haley asks if he's going to do that all night. Nathan examines the collage of pictures she has on her wall and asks, "Are these all your brothers and sisters?" Haley replies, "Yeah, I'm the youngest. I don't think my parents know what to do with the silence." He sits down on her bed: "So, a month ago, did you think we'd be alone in your bedroom?" Haley jokes, "We're not alone, we have the forefathers with us." Nathan flirts, "They can watch." She wants him to be serious. Oh, baby, he wants to get serious all right. Nathan grabs her hand and pulls her onto the bed. They make out a bit, but Haley's worried that her parents might come home. Then the Mr. Hyde part of Nathan's speed personality comes out as he tries to move too fast, unbuttoning Haley's shirt and not stopping when she asks him to. She wriggles out from under him. He's kind of aggressive toward her, so much so that Haley asks him to leave. Nathan: "You're kidding, right?" Haley walks over to the door and stands beside it. Nathan says, "Haley, I'm sorry, we can study, it's fine." She says quietly, "I'd like you to go." Nathan walks out and bitches, "Unbelievable."

Peyton sits in her room in front of her web cam, fiddling with the drawing she did of Lucas after the party. She's amended it to say, "And now we can have it." Before, it used to say, "And now we can't have it." So maybe she's changed her mind about Lucas after all. In fact, we know she's changed her mind, because she tries to call him.

Brooke and Lucas are having that really fun bar conversation where you find out the strangest details about the people you're drinking with. She says, "Tell me you loved Weird Science?" Luke almost spits out his beer so he can quote something from the movie. Brooke does the same thing. They explode into alcohol-induced laughter. But wait! Luke's phone goes off, only the screen comes up, "Out of Area." Whatever that means, so he turns it off.

Peyton listens to his voicemail message at the other end. I'm loving all the ways they're devising not to have Hilarie Burton say any lines whatsoever during an episode. It's refreshing. She hangs up and doesn't leave a message.

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