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Peyton Plays The Blues

The Butterfly Effect. Do you think they can create an alternate universe where Ashton Kutcher doesn't exist?

The golf game between Nathan and Dan goes about as well as can be expected. Nathan takes a shot, and Dan takes a shot at him. Dan makes his shot, and makes an example of his good golf skills. Nathan takes his criticism, and takes another shot. Dan makes a lame joke, and whacks his son in the shoulder. Yeah, that seems like a great day. So much fun.

Haley's over at Peyton's as Peyton puts the finishing touches on the poster. She says, "Cat Power, Cheap Trick? You're all over the place." Haley smiles and says, "I kind of got a lot of moods." Peyton hands over the poster, and it looks pretty good. The phone rings. Peyton's machine picks up; it's Brooke's high-pitched squeal saying, "Hello? Best friend? Pick up! I can see you on your precious web cam." Haley says, "Web cam?" Peyton smiles. The voice from beyond screeches, "Hi to you too, Tutor Girl." Peyton answers the phone. She makes an excuse to Brooke and gets her off the phone with a promise to call her later. Peyton asks Haley if she needs any help with the postering. aley says she doesn't have to help; it's cool. Peyton: "Yeah, I kinda do." She throws a sweater over the web cam (instead of turning it off) and runs out with Haley.

Luke bounces his basketball over to the House of Jake! and finds said hottie sitting on the stoop strumming his guitar. Luke: "I was just on my way down to the River Court and thought maybe you'd want to shoot around." Jake replies, "Yeah, it feels kind of weird not to have a Saturday practice, doesn't it?" Luke: "I never thought I'd miss it." Jake! tells Luke that he has to stick around the house, and the latter wants to know if he's grounded or something. Jake! tries to duck around the issue, but Luke keeps prying; is he sick? Finally, Luke gets the hint: "You don't want to hang around with me, that's cool. I'll see you later, man." Jake! calls out for him to come back, and invites him into the house.

Basketball in hand, Luke enters and sees the baby. Jake! says, "So, this is Jenny." Luke asks, "Is she yours?" Holy crap, it's the cutest baby I've ever seen. Jake: "She's all mine." Luke: "That's unbelievable. How old is she?" Jake! is grinning as he says, "She's six months, nine days, and a couple of hours [old]." So cute! Jake really deserves that exclamation point we've saddled him with. Luke quietly asks, "Who's the mother?" Jake stutters for a second, and then tells him that it's a long story: "Let's just say she's out of the picture." Luke: "So you're raising her all by yourself?" Jake admits that his parents help out a lot; they work nights, and between the three of them, they're managing. Luke nods his head and says, "That explains a lot about you, man." Pause. "But, um, why keep her a secret?" Jake reaches into the crib and pulls up the baby blanket. His hands look very large beside the small body. Jake tells Luke, "Aw, come on, you know how people are." Luke squints -- he's emoting -- and insists, "If you treat this like something you're ashamed of, your daughter will carry that around with her for the rest of her life." Jake insists that he's not ashamed of his daughter; he's protecting her. Luke adds, "You know, my mom did the same thing. When I found out the truth about who I was, there was a part of me that thought that maybe she kept that secret because she was ashamed of me." Pause. "You don't want to hide this." The baby fusses a bit, as if to punctuate Luke's poignant thoughts. Yawn.

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