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Peyton Plays The Blues

Keith shows up at Whitey's with his jeans tucked into his boots. I just don't understand that either. It's one thing to make Keith look like a "working man," but quite another to make him look like an idiot. Whitey picks up his Star Times and strolls down memory lane with some incidental story about how Keith was a terrible paperboy. Keith hands him the paper and quips, "Maybe if you tipped on holidays, it would have been a different story." Blah, extortion, blah lame joke, blah memory lane, blah boring, blah. Keith says, "Taking a bit of a break, eh?" Whitey smiles and tells him that extreme times call for extreme measures. Yup. That's why Keith's there. He's having trouble with Lucas and the s-e-x. Keith tells Whitey that he thinks Luke's making some bad decisions, and then cites himself as a cause, explaining that he's really a shining example of good choices. Whitey rocks in his chair, clicks his cheek for a minute, and says, "Take a page out of my book and step back." Keith: "That's your advice? To do nothing?" Whitey makes his point: "Or you could emulate your brother, and smother the kid with your own shortcomings." Pause. "I've coached thirty-five teams. Some of them I've coddled, some I've yelled at, but each player needs to find his own game." And the world is just one big basketball analogy waiting to happen. Whitey says, "Luke's a good kid. He'll find his way back to the main road." And the great big basketball called Earth spins around and around. Blah freaking advice blah.

Peyton's in the Thud offices when she runs into Gavin DeGraw and, in a piece of utterly contrived awfulness, invites him to play at the open mic. He's cool with that, but only because the record company's making him. He might be able to sing, but he makes Peyton look like Meryl Streep, and it's hard to be that bad.

Luke sits down with Keith at the kitchen table. He apologies for the terrible things he said last night. Keith puts down his coffee cup and says, "Well, obviously I suck at this." Pause. "I want to be your friend, but I also want to do the right thing by your mom." Luke says he knows how important that is to his uncle, and that he's really not making it very easy for him. Keith says, "At a certain point, it's up to you. It's your life, you have to live it, but I'll always be there if you need help." Luke says thanks. Aw, the bonding branch of the Scott family.

Jake! looks through the mail and stuff on the coffee table. He finds a flyer for the open mic night that Luke must have dropped off earlier that day. It says, "They've got booster chairs." Jake! takes a minute to ponder whether he should go, and then smiles, because you know, Luke's right.

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