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Peyton Plays The Blues

Dan sits outside the café in his car, looking at a world that he has completely alienated himself from -- maybe feeling the consequences of his actions?

Inside, Jake! finishes his song; people hoot, holler, and clap. Peyton ogles him. I have my barf bag ready. She walks up to him and jokes, "So what, are you married, too?" Jake! laughs and says that it's just him and Jenny. The baby is adorable. Peyton jokes, "She's got your eyebrows." Jake laughs, "That's not a good thing." They googly-eye each other. My stomach churns. Gavin DeGraw arrives, sets up, and gets ready to play in a nanosecond -- yeah, the band assembles a drum kit in the time it takes Luke to invite Nathan and the boys to play some ball down on the River Court. Blah theme song, blah. Blah the house rocks, blah. Something about a prison guard's son. Blah.

The song plays over the game at the River Court. Mouth makes good on his commentary. The whole team's there, alongside the kids Luke always plays with. Luke slams a good shot. Haley shows up and says "hey" to Peyton and Brooke, who are sitting with the baby. The ball rolls out of bounds, and Peyton picks it up and throws it back to Jake! We all scream in horror at the half-smile, attraction, and googly-eyes that ensue. Brooke snaps a picture with the Polaroid, and cracks, "I guess that answers the gay question." They laugh. Haley takes a picture of the two girls with the baby. The boys kick back and have a good time at the court.

Keith and Whitey sit in the truck watching the game. Keith says, "I thought you might want to see this, Coach." Pause. "We've come a long way since the last time we sat here." The camera fades back and shows the whole court -- the whooping, the whooing, the baskets; the boys are having fun again. Rejoice! The game's been saved, and it only took a weekend!

Dan comes into the café and asks Deb if she had a busy night. Deb doesn't take his crap and says, "What happened today Dan?" He makes some joke about missing her so much that he and Nathan had to come home. She says, "I ask you to make good with your son and you make it worse." Dan's strange account of what happened goes like this: "He flipped out on the eighteenth hole. It was embarrassing." Deb clears some plates as she asks, "Did you badger him into it?" She puts down the dishes and lectures, "You have a problem, Dan; you're competitive and controlling, and you need some help." Dan berates Deb for not being there for Nathan. They get into the real problem: Dan's attitude. Deb tells him that they're going to go to family therapy. He refuses. She replies that it's mandatory -- if he wants to see Nathan. Dan: "You really think you can stop me from seeing my own son?" Deb puts down her dishtowel and says, "Try me." You go, Deb!

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