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Peyton Plays The Blues

But just one more question: What in the hell day is it? Because the kids are at school, so I'm assuming it's Friday, and that the game was on Thursday night. Anyway. Haley and Luke are walking around. He's drinking a can of pop. They walk past a gigantic poster that says "Ravens Basketball." I'm thinking about now the two of them might want to think about grabbing an umbrella, because the symbolism surrounding them might explode, sending tiny slivers of silver from all the other disbeliefs crashing down around them. Luke says, "It's not that hard. Peyton and I just don't make sense as a couple. She said so herself." Haley huffs, "And then took it back!" Luke: "What are you, her lawyer?" Haley: "I've seen Peyton really try to turn things around. It just sucks that she got bit the first time she reached out to somebody." Luke insists, "I'm not the bad guy here, okay? Peyton's just too hard." He takes a sip of pop. Haley says flatly, "Unlike Brooke, who I understand is nice and easy." Meow. Luke stops. He doesn't like that crack: "Excuse me. She makes me laugh. She's honest, and she's not afraid to be herself, and plus, she's not covered head-to-toe in issues." Yeah, um, unlike Luke, who's so issue-free himself. When did he turn into Nathan? Haley has side bangs. She must have gotten a haircut somewhere between sleeping all night with Nathan and going to school. He sits down on a bench. She acts contrite, blah nothing, no problem, if he's happy, she's happy, end of discussion.

Peyton kneels on the pavement while working on some more posters for Ravens Basketball. Lord knows they don't have enough school spirit in this damn town. Brooke comes up to her and says, "Hey, I've been two-waying you all day, where have you been?" Peyton smiles and shakes her head. She says she's been "nowhere, really." Brooke says, "I wanted to talk to you about Lucas. You left so quickly the other night. What was all that about?" Okay, so, really, what day is it? Is it Monday? Is the weekend over? Was that game on a Saturday? Please for the love of my own internal obsessive-compulsive disorder, can someone on this damn show just try to be a little consistent in terms of continuity? Please? Peyton: "Did he tell you what happened?" Brooke: "We didn't really do too much talking after you left, if you know what I mean." Oh boy, coy is certainly the wrong way to play this, Brooke. Peyton really doesn't want to hear about it. Peyton makes up some totally lame excuse about giving Luke back a CD she had borrowed. Brooke seems to buy it, though, probably because she left the remnants of whatever intelligence she actually has in Luke's bed last night, or the other night, or the night before last night -- oh hell, whatever night she spent making out with him instead of studying.

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