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Peyton Plays The Blues

Jake! Luke sees our wonderful, lovable, magical, marvelous Jake! sleeping under a tree. So, of course, he kicks him. Well, more like he sort of knocks his boot with his foot. Luke says, "Late night?" Jake wakes up and says, "Yeah, sort of." Luke laughs and asks, "Who's the girl?" Jake says coyly, "You don't know her." Ah, but we do, while we haven't been introduced, we still know her. We know something Luke doesn't know, we know something Luke doesn't know, we know something -- okay, I'll stop. It's just that it's been almost two months since I've had this power beneath my fingertips. I guess I'm a bit mad for it. Luke grabs Jake's hand and pulls him up. "Come on, we're going to be late for practice."

But wait! There's a note on the door that says, "Basketball cancelled (until further notice)". The boys all hover outside the door confused about what they're reading. Nathan pulls the note off the door as Woda makes an appearance. Whitey tells him, "Nice to see you vertical." The door shuts behind the coach. "How you feeling?" Nathan seems contrite for the first time in his life: "Same as always." Pause. "What's all this about?" He hands Whitey the note back. Woda makes his crusty-old-coach speech: "Seems to me we've lost track of what this game is supposed to be about, myself included. I want you to take this time to think about why we're really out there." See the kid standing just behind Nathan? Yeah, the one we've never seen before? Yeah, he's got terrible boy bangs -- I'm telling you his hair looks like one of those plastic clip-on hair styles we used to use on Mr. Potato Head. It's long by his ears with very blunt bangs. It's the perfect example of the renaissance in medieval hairstyles. Please make it stop. Oh sorry, Whitey's still talking: "Until then, no practice." Then he makes the huge gesture of sticking the sign back up on the door. Dim whines, "This sucks!" Jake! replies, "Speak for yourself. Whitey just did me a favour." Nathan slowly admits, "Yeah, me too."

Peyton throws her stuff into the back seat of her car and hops into the front. She's trying to make a quick getaway. But Luke doesn't let her; he yells, "Peyton," and then kneels down, hanging his arms over her door. She holds onto the steering wheel with both hands. He says, "Look, about last night. I feel really bad --" Okay, so it was last night to him, but the other night to Brooke. Tell me if I'm wrong, but doesn't "other night" imply more than one day? So, Peyton doesn't want to talk about it, and rightly so -- it's kind of embarrassing. She continues, "I'd had this really weird, long day, and I probably wasn't making any sense." Luke insists that she was making sense. But, well, he had no idea that she was coming over, and well, he and Brooke, you know. Peyton interjects, "Make a really good couple." Pause. "I'm happy for you. You're a good guy Luke, and she's my best friend." And they leave it at that, but hey, Peyton's actually being kind of mature. She's not freaking out or making either of them feel bad. I'll give her some credit for that, even if she runs into the branches of a maple tree for comfort -- looking for one of her own kind to hug.

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