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Dan bursts into Whitey's office and whines, "Tell me I heard this wrong!" Woda raps his knuckles onto his desk by means of an example: "It's called knocking." Of course, Dan ignores him, preferring to babble on about Whitey's canceling practice and the Ravens' perfect season. We all know what's most important to Dan: basketball. You know, his obsessive nature is getting kind of played out. He needs to get some new game. Whitey starts asking if Dan's ever played the "ponies." He goes on about a horse called Whirlybird in the third. Dan asks, "Have you completely lost it?" Heh. Whitey laughs at Dan. He says, "You see that sign in the gym? It's got my name on it. It means I call the shots. The game's not fun anymore, Danny. Somewhere along the way, we've strayed off the path." Dan snarks, "You're the coach. You're supposed to be a leader." Whitey stands up and faces Dan, man-to-man. Well, man-to-bully, anyway. Whitey: "Now, that's something that we agree upon." What are you talking about? Whitey looks Dan right in the eye: "Dehydration. We both know it's more than that." Dan snarks, "So, now you're a doctor?" Whitey: "I've taken steps to ease the pressure. I think you'd be wise to take a couple of days and do the same." Whitey walks by Dan and puts on his baseball cap: "Hit the lights on the way out, would you."

When Nathan gets home from school, he finds Dan there acting all chipper and stuff. "Hey! How you feeling, son?" Nathan replies flatly, "Okay." Pause. "What's my bag doing here?" Dan replies, "I packed some things for you." Nathan tells Dan that he's not going to stay with him at the boathouse. The two of them are going away for the weekend. Huh. After Deb told Dan she'd stab him in his sleep and basically told him that he'd never get Nathan, not in a million years, now she's encouraged the two of them to go away for the weekend. This show makes no sense. Nathan gets pissy. Dan gets excited about golf. Short end of it? Nathan doesn't have much of a choice -- he's going away for the weekend with his father.

The gang's all here -- The River Court. Mouth's got his mic: "Ho, ho! Say it isn't so! Fergie and Skills take it 15-13." Luke sits down beside him on the picnic table. Brooke arrives pompons waving. Fergie jokes, "Guy's got his own personal cheering squad now?" Luke greets Brooke with a "hey babe." I try not to barf up my applesauce. Skills says, "Now that's whack -- we win the game, and he gets the girl." Tell me about it, my brother, it's right crazy.

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