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Deb's doing some shopping at the local pharmacy when she spots Lucas. "A-ha!" She thinks. "I can talk to him about the open mic night!" Deb calls out his name, and when Luke notices who it is, he gets all embarrassed and puts down a bunch of stuff on the countertop. Deb doesn't notice. She launches right into her semi-prepared speech about holding an open mic night. Luke tries to get rid of her quickly: "No, it's a great idea." Deb doesn't notice that he's obviously speeding her along because he's got other, ahem, things on his mind. Finally, Deb gets with the program and asks, "Lucas, are you all right?" He says, "Yeah, yeah!" Until Brooke bounds up to him with a mega-box of condoms and some whipped cream, that is, yeah, he's just fine. If by "fine," you mean "mortified." Heh. Luke makes eyes at Brooke, who turns around and notices Deb standing there. She giggles, as only Brooke would giggle, and says, "Oh! Hi, Mrs. Scott." Deb looks at Brooke and then back to Lucas. Um yeah, she'd better be going.

Luke and Brooke leave the pharmacy without their intended purchases. Brooke jokes, "Of all the things I had to stick in my mouth, it had to be my foot." Heh. Luke looks upset. She tells him to lighten up. He says, "Did you see the look on her face?" Brooke replies, "Yeah, total Judge Judy, which is completely ridiculous considering who her son is." Well, Brooke's kind of a got a point there -- but it doesn't matter because Luke's hella grumpy. He opens the door to Brooke's car for her and says, "She's friends with my mom." Not to mention your half-brother's mother, making her sort of your stepmother in a weird alternate-reality kind of way. Brooke says, "Right, forgot about that one." Pause. "Well, your mom's in Europe for the next month. What are the odds she remembers this?" Luke deadpans, "Whipped cream and condoms?" They both start giggling.

Nathan attempts to make conversation during what seems to him to be the world's longest car ride. The poor kid. Trapped in a moving vehicle with the man he would probably describe as Satan in his life. He asks, "You and Mom getting a divorce?" Dan: "Why, what did she tell you?" Not, "no son, don't worry, everything's going to be okay," not, "we both love you very much." No -- it's "let me pump my son for information about my marriage because I'm not man enough to talk to my wife." Jackass. Dan says, "Don't worry, things will be back to normal in no time." Yeah, that's comforting. Nathan: "Mom doesn't want things to be normal; she wants them to be better." Dan: "Listen, Nathan, you've got a great life, a nice home, and a basketball pedigree any kid would die for." Nathan says, "I almost did."

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