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Dan and Nathan arrive at the resort. The man at the front desk is surprised that Mrs. Scott's not there. Dan makes up some bullshit to the effect that it's a guys' weekend. The clerk reminds him that the suite only has a king-sized bed. Dan says, and I quote: "Aw, but I hate to give up the view. I'll tell you what, why don't you bring up a cot." That's right. He drags his son away for the weekend, and instead of letting them each have a bed, he makes Nathan sleep on an uncomfortable hotel cot while he lounges in a huge bed. All for the view? This man takes selfishness to a whole new level. Nathan snits, and rightly so: "Dad, are you kidding me? This weekend was supposed to be for you and Mom?" Dan replies, "Well, it didn't work out that way." Nathan: "So this whole father/son thing was just Plan B?" Dan's attempt to make his son feel better goes something like this: "What difference does it make how or why we got here? The point is we're here, and we're going to have a good time." Nathan's phone rings at this point. He looks at it and says that's it is Haley. Dan cracks, "She's got you on a short leash." Yeah, that's hilarious -- making cracks about your son's girlfriend, the only person, in fact, who helped your son in his time of need. That's nice. Nathan answers the phone, and then brushes Haley off completely. That Dan, he's such a great influence. The clerk asks if he should have their bags sent up. Dan tells him yes, and that he's got some golf clubs in the back as well. "I'll be taking my son to school on the links tomorrow morning." The clerk smiles politely and tells him that the clubs will be waiting for them when they tee off. Hm, sounds like Dan's really changed a whole lot in the last twenty-four hours. He's gone from berating Nathan about basketball to competing with him on the golf course. Nathan sighs. He knows he's in for a rough weekend.

Luke and Brooke are in his room, on his bed, with the lights off, making out, when Keith comes in and turns on the lights. Brooke sits up and says, "Hi, Uncle Keith." He says hello and then says, "Could you maybe pick this up some other time? I'd like to have a word with Luke." Brooke gets up to go, and Luke gives his uncle the evil eye. On her way out, Brooke says that she'll call Luke later; he sort of half-sees her to the door.

Once Brooke has gone, Luke whines, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Keith replies, "That's funny, I was just about to ask you the same thing." Luke snarks, "I get it -- this is about Deb, right?" Keith quietly says, "No, this is about you, and some incredibly bad judgment. And I think you should remember that Deb's the one keeping your mother's business alive while she's gone." Luke whines, "Yes, but it doesn't give her the right to butt in. I mean, look at Nathan -- that guy gets away with ten times the crap that I do." Keith says honestly, "Well, you're not Nathan." Pause. "And that's not the point. I mean, what is this? You couldn't even be home for your mom's phone call tonight?" And there's the rub. Can we call it or can we call it? Of course he was going to miss that phone call. Luke acts at least a bit contrite: "I forgot." Pause. "What did you tell her?" Keith: "I told her that you missed her, and that you loved her, and that you were at the library studying." Keith bitches him out: "The Luke Scott I know is better than this." Luke snaps back, "The Keith Scott that I know's not my mother; he's not even her boyfriend, so I don't see how this is your business." Um, except that he is Luke's uncle, and blood sort of wins over boyfriend, don't you think? Keith insists that it is his business, because he's there, and Karen's trusted him. Keith continues, "You know, you might want to take a long hard look in the mirror and see if the guy staring you back in the mirror is the person you want to be." Holy crap, this is melodramatic. For Pete's sake, he's a teenager making out with his girlfriend. Is it really that big a deal? Luke sits down on his bed and pouts as Keith leaves the room.

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