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Open Heart

Previously on MDs: Fichtner and Hannah had a shower scene. Some far less important stuff also happened.

When we open this week, the screen tells us that it's Tuesday, 5:58 PM. It could be 1955, given the black-and-white trees we're looking at. The camera pans to a bus stop, just as a bus pulls up and then pulls away. The camera comes to rest on Gina, who's sitting on the bench, rummaging through a big-ass purse. Fade in to color. Gina drops a clump of metal gewgaws. Yang spots them and hands them to her, and it would seem that Gina's been using whitening strips.

Cut to the Mission's lobby. Joyner and Coones are walking through it, the surgeon pawing through her change purse for bus fare. Coones says he thought she had a car. Joyner answers that it's in the shop, just as some burly guy in a hoodie slams into her and sends her coins flying. He barely glances over his shoulder, so intent is he on getting outside. Joyner rolls her eyes and resignedly stoops to retrieve her change.

You can go ahead and slide back from the edge of your seat, now.

Cut to Dalgety surveying a pop machine. He spots Kellerman walking by and offers to buy him a drink. Kellerman barely has time to slow down, saying that he's got to go. Dalgety tosses out, "Well, wherrrrever you go, go with all your hearrrrt!" Kellerman stares at him for a second before scoffing, "Yeah, right," and striding away. Dalgety calls out that it's from a fortune cookie, as if that somehow makes it okay.

Kellerman asks some doctor if he's seen Thor. He's informed that Thor is "in the crapper" as a result of some bad Chinese food. Why can't anyone on this show bring themselves to refer a toilet as anything but a "crapper"? Is it a doctor thing? Did the writers lose some bet? Or are they determined to single-handedly usher in a renaissance of the term to coincide with the return of the mesh-back cap? Clearly, I digress.

A doctor comes flying into the hospital, carrying a nurse in his arms and yelling for assistance. Kellerman races over and is informed that the woman was hit by a car. We learn that someone "plowed into the bus stop," a lot of people are hurt, and most of them are hospital staff. Posner, overhearing the bulletin, asks if anyone has seen Yang. No one answers. The camera whooshes over to Coones and Fishlips. Coones has a regular phone pressed to one ear and a cell phone to the other to let us know that he's a little frantic. He tells Fishlips to put out a page to all staff; they're "going to need backup." The camera races back to Kellerman checking the nurse's vitals. He grabs her wrist, and the camera swoops in for a close-up of her smashed watch. It stopped at 6:00.

The camera sweeps to an exterior shot of the doors. Dalgety and Kellerman burst through them, their faces anxious as they rush toward the bus stop. Sirens are blaring, doctors are racing around, people are leaking bodily fluids all over the pavement. We get a carnage montage. It ends with someone flicking a sheet over a dead nurse. Fade to white. Hey, haven't I seen that somewhere before?

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