Open Heart

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Open Heart

We cut to an exterior of the hospital, lit up against the night, to show us that time has passed. Back inside, Levi finds Joyner flopped out on a bench, and hands her a coffee. He asks if the nurse they helped is going to be all right. Joyner says they don't know yet. "And you?" Levi asks. "Ask me tomorrow," Joyner answers.

Mrs. Lin is still seated by her husband's side, starting sadly at nothing. Yang comes in and pulls up a chair next to her.

Gina enters the CAT scan machine, while Dalgety watches anxiously. Thor's behind him, offering silent support. Dalgety turns and looks at him, then turns sadly back toward the scanner. He can barely look at it.

Downstairs, Thor finds Kellerman and a nurse waiting for him. "What's up?" he asks. Kellerman turns Thor to look at the dipshit in question. Thor is shocked to see the Y.O.D.A. sitting handcuffed to a gurney. Uh-oh.

Mr. Lin starts coughing, which wakes up Yang and his wife. Yang presses her stethoscope to his chest, an awed smile on her face as she listens. Mr. Lin's hand slowly opens to reveal the sacred heart pressed in the center of his palm. Yang looks up, awed in slo-mo this time.

Fade to Dalgety, sitting on the floor at the end of a hallway, defeated. People walk past in slo-mo. Someone on the soundtrack starts singing, "One of these mornings/Won't be there at all./You will look for me/And I'll be gone." Dalgety starts crying, and damned if John Hannah can't make me cry. Throw a little Fichtner into the mix, and I'm done for. Kellerman lays a hand on Dalgety's shoulder and sinks down next to him. They sit side by side, dazed and staring straight ahead, as we fade to black.

For anyone harboring hope that Jolly Maid Gina might pull through, the previews helpfully squash it, as Dalgety announces, "Gina's going to save four lives today." Way to build the suspense, there.

And did I actually say this episode was worthy of the cast? Really? I'd like to chalk that up to severe stress, a dash of temporary insanity, and a weepy John Hannah if that's all right with you.

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