Open Heart

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Open Heart

Cut to Pangborn and Joyner in the lobby. Pangborn hassles Joyner into telling her her astrological sign -- she's a Virgo, if you care -- and Pangborn reads out her horoscope. Joyner's in for some romance, according to the stars. Joyner is highly dubious. She mutters something about having a date with thirty-five patients, and trudges off.

Wendy Whiner, meanwhile, is treating everyone to a little lesson in karma while they squish and prod the Rinpoche's heart. She informs them that "karma isn't good or bad. It only seems that way in relation to our own egos." Que Paso apologizes again for cremating Kellerman's hat. Kellerman, up to his elbows in the Rinpoche's business, impatiently insists that it's okay, and asks them to stop talking about his hat. Wendy points out that it's just a hat. "A lucky hat," Que Paso insists. Kellerman argues that it wasn't. Unable to just shut the hell up and leave well enough alone, Que Paso counters, "Then how come that time it got lost in the laundry, you cancelled all your elective surgeries until it turned up again?" Kellerman weakly insists that he needed a vacation. Wendy remembers that he went on a fishing trip. "Catch anything?" Que Paso asks pointedly. Kellerman admits that he didn't. "Not without your lucky hat," Que Paso says. Kellerman somehow manages not to stab him repeatedly with his scalpel. He asks for scissors. The nurse slaps them against his palm, but they clatter to the floor before his fingers can close on them. Everyone freezes. Ooooh, spooky. Kellerman tries to remain calm and asks for another set.

Yang, meanwhile, heads to radiology and asks for Lin's lung X-rays. The radiologist shuffles some films on the table, muttering something about a "left lobe infiltrate." He can't seem to put his hands on the X-rays. Yang asks if he's seen the patient, though. "I don't see patients. I'm a radiologist," he says, slightly miffed. Yang laughs nervously. She wanders out without the X-rays. She finds Mr. Lin and his wife in a hallway, and introduces herself. Mrs. Lin starts in with the Chinese. Yang looks slightly uncomfortable. Mrs. Lin finally figures out that Yang doesn't speak Chinese. "Not even a little?" she asks, surprised. "Not at all, really," Yang answers, embarrassed.

Cut to Joyner, who walks smack into some guy coming through a door. Her coffee and clipboard fly out of her hands, and she mutters angrily. The guy scrambles to pick up her stuff, and Joyner's anger disappears pretty damn quickly when she gets a look at the guy the stars have so thoughtfully arranged for her. Their eyes lock. He apologizes, and she says softly that it was her fault. He introduces himself as "Levi." They stare at each other a little longer. Snapping out of it, he says he'd better get to work. Joyner stares after him, thinking that she'd like to slip on a little Levi.

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