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"Fancy thinking the Beast…"

And then he stalks off into another flashback. This one's in Sydney. Sawyer's walking on a dock somewhere, and he ducks into a pier's machine shop. There, he hooks up with some Australian guy who says he did a few jobs with Hibbs back in the States. We quickly learn that Sawyer's there to buy a gun; the guy says, "A few disclaimers. Australia doesn't allow its citizens to carry handguns. You get nicked with this --" "I'm not going to rat you out," Sawyer assures him. The guy carries on, while I'm still processing that first point. You can't carry handguns if you're an Australian citizen? What if you're in the outback and you need to kill something? Do you just throw a Foster's bottle at it and hope for the best? Anyway, the guy's all, "A man who buys a compact .357 with hollow-point loads...he's not looking to scare or steal. He's looking to kill. But when it comes down to it, if he finds he doesn't have what it takes to finish the job --" "Your sales pitch needs some work," Sawyer smirks. The guy continues, "What I'm saying is, you look a man in the eye and a point a gun at him, you find out who you really are, mate. And should you find you're not a killer, there's no refund." Sawyer says it won't be a problem.

Commercials. Tiger Young and Aerosmith have officially exited the Kingdom of Cool on their agreement to shill for Buick.

After we get back, Charlie and Hurley are preparing to bury Ethan. Hurley speculates that Ethan will rise from the grave and kill them all, finishing with, "Dude, I know how works. This is gonna end with you and me running through the jungle, screaming and crying. He catches me first because I'm heavy...and I get cramps." Oh, Hurley, that would be so sad, if only because we'd miss your perfect comedic delivery. Charlie's overcome just thinking about it. Or maybe he's all torn up inside and stuff because he's planting the guy he plugged. Hurley notices and asks if Charlie's all right. Unspoken answer: no.

So Hurley wanders on over to Sayid's corner of the beach, which is looking suspiciously like something out of Pier One Imports. He asks if he may ask Sayid a question. "Of course," Sayid says courteously. Hurley asks, "Did you ever get that Gulf War Syndrome?" Sayid looks like he regrets his earlier offer as he points out, "That was the other side." After an awkward pause, Hurley presses on: "What's the one where they're all, like, shell-shocked?" Sayid tells him it's PTSD, and from there, it's but a hop, skip, and a jump to the point where Hurley's telling him he thinks Charlie's got it, and it might be nice if Sayid went and talked to him. Ah, Hurley. He's like the power behind the throne, telling all the island's ostensible leaders what to do. Cardinal Richelieu, only way more mellow, you know?

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